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The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs

A movie-obsessed teen documents his life growing up in an outrageous yet loving family in the 1980s.

Starring: Sean Giambrone, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Troy Gentile, Hayley Orrantia, Jeff Garlin, George Segal, Sam Lerner.
Recurring Actors: Bryan Callen, AJ Michalka, Tim Meadows, Matt Bush, Noah Munck, Shayne Topp, Kenny Ridwan, David Koechner.
Original Run: 2013-.

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Quote from Murray in Goldberg on The Goldbergs

Pops: Okay, Mur. What's your angle?
Murray: No angle. I believe in young love.
Pops: No, you don't.
Murray: Of course I don't! Do you know what it means to have the one lonely freshman girl who pines for her boyfriend back home?
Pops: Oy, I remember that girl, Ethel Kominski. She was the worst.
Murray: Yeah! Now Erica's the worst. Instead of partying with frat boys, she's on the phone every night with some yutz a thousand miles away.
Pops: But that's horrible. What about Erica going out and having fun and making mistakes and living life?
Murray: I thought about that. And then I thought, "Nah. I'm good."


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Quote from Beverly in The Darryl Dawkins Dance

Beverly: [beep] me sideways. I have raised some thoughtful children.

Quote from Beverly in Happy Mom, Happy Life

Beverly: Somebody stole my baby. Well, not real baby, fake baby. It's a toy. Somebody stole my toy! I'm going to get attitude from my son's pretend wife. Can someone call the police? Or Toys 'r Us? I don't [beep] know any more.

Quote from Beverly in Mama Drama

Beverly: Are you crying?
Adam: No.
Beverly: Who hurt you? Tell me and I will hurt them tenfold.

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Quote from Erica in Goldberg on The Goldbergs

Erica: Look, I am not depressed or angry or in denial. I'm just in a long-distance relationship.
Srini: Oh, of course. All the signs were there. You're a textbook BORF!
Other Erica: For sure. Total BORF.
Erica: Okay, what the hell is a BORF?
Srini: It stands for "Boyfriend Obsessed Reject Freshman." That's you.
Erica: I am not a BORF!

Quote from Naked Rob in Parents Just Don't Understand

Adam: The secret behind Fresh Prince's success is his rhymes are always about funny, universal topics.
Barry: Example: Parents just don't understand. Naked Rob, do your parents understand?
Naked Rob: No, they don't. They said I should at least wear flip-flops outside. Naked Rob don't do flip-flops.