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The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs

A movie-obsessed teen documents his life growing up in an outrageous yet loving family in the 1980s.

Starring: Sean Giambrone, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Troy Gentile, Hayley Orrantia, Jeff Garlin, George Segal, Sam Lerner.
Original Run: 2013-.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Quote from Erica in So Swayze It's Crazy

Erica: What are you doing?
Lainey: Nothing.
Erica: Remember how Barry got jealous of Boy George, so he dressed up like him? Well, now Barry's gonna go all-out to be punk and- Oh, my God, you did this on purpose.
Lainey: Punk is super sexy. I want to see Barry in a studded leather jacket and tight jeans and don't gag like you always do.
Erica: I'm sorry, I can't [gags] help it. You [gags] You two make me ill.


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Quote from Beverly in The Darryl Dawkins Dance

Beverly: [beep] me sideways. I have raised some thoughtful children.

Quote from Beverly in Mama Drama

Beverly: Are you crying?
Adam: No.
Beverly: Who hurt you? Tell me and I will hurt them tenfold.

Quote from Beverly in Happy Mom, Happy Life

Beverly: Somebody stole my baby. Well, not real baby, fake baby. It's a toy. Somebody stole my toy! I'm going to get attitude from my son's pretend wife. Can someone call the police? Or Toys 'r Us? I don't [beep] know any more.

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Quote from Murray in I Caddyshacked the Pool

Murray: Hey, how are you doing?
Adam: Why are you in my room?
Murray: Just came by to say hi, and (mumbles).
Adam: What?
Murray: (mumbles)
Adam: What?
Murray: Y'know, (mumbles "you've got a beautiful body").
Adam: See, you keep trailing off specifically at the end.
Murray: You've got a beautiful body! This body of yours, beautiful.
Adam: Don't ever tell me that again!
Murray: Deal. But, let's be truthful. You don't have a beautiful body.
Adam: Thanks.
Murray: You're in middle school. Your body, it's stinky and greasy, and it's growing too fast. And, when you talk, it's like a broken kazoo. Those days were horrible. I remember them, I really do.
Adam: Since when have you had a shred of insecurity about your body? You'll go anywhere in your Tighty-Whities.
Murray: That's now. When I was your age, I hated my body. The good news is, I grew up and life beat me down so hard, I eventually stopped caring. And some day, life will crap on you so hard that you'll stop caring too.
Adam: That's oddly reassuring.
Murray: Trust me. Eventually you'll realize it doesn't matter what other people think.

Quote from Murray in Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook

Adam: My dad has a seriously freaky talent of making action-movie zingers. Watch. Hey, Dad. What would Arnold say if he threw a guy off a cliff?
Murray: "My favorite season is fall." "You've been grounded." "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a dead guy." "Surprise! Hope you weren't thrown."
Adam: What would Arnold say to a guy he just fed to a lion?
Murray: "Pleased to eat you." "This won't hurt, or am I lyin'?" "Show some pride."
Dave Kim: What would Arnold say if he just ripped a guy's heart out?
Murray: "You're under cardiac arrest." "Be my Valentine." "Don't be so heartless."
Adam: He could be an action star.
Murray: Bevy! I need your strong fingers.
Adam: Or maybe not.

Quote from Murray in There Can Only Be One Highlander Club

Barry: How come you never see these guys anymore?
Murray: Kormy lives in Lancaster now. That's way too far.
Barry: Too far? You once drove out to Delaware just to get a crab hoagie.
Pops: That was a good hoagie.
Murray: Yeah, it had crab in it.
Pops: Dense crab.
Murray: And that bread was delicious.
Pops: I remember that trip.
Murray: Yeah. Crab.