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Couple Off

‘Couple Off’

Season 8, Episode 16 -  Aired April 7, 2021

Adam tries to prove to Brea that he's not a spoiled, rich kid. Meanwhile, Erica and Geoff's camping trip is gatecrashed by Barry and Joanne.

Quote from Pops

Pops: There he is. Everything work out with Brea, kiddo?
Adam: Yep. Brea's wrong. We're not well-off.
Beverly: Of course we're not.
Adam: Sure, we're fortunate-ish, but remember when we didn't have premium cable for a little while?
Beverly: No HBO. Yes. Tell Brea that.
Pops: How about instead of trying to convince Brea that you're not spoiled, why don't you show her by getting a [bleep] job?
Adam: Suggestive language.


Quote from Adam

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Back in the '80s, one of the best music videos on MTV was "Take On Me". It combined cutting-edge technology and animation that blew my mind. So, obviously, I decided I had to make my own.
Beverly: [on paper] Hi, Adam. Look at me. I'm lines.
Adam: I said no talking.
Beverly: Join me in this comic book world. [dances] Look. The Cabbage Patch. The Running Man. The Roger Rabbit.
Adam: Stop. I have to trace all this.
Beverly: I'm a person! I'm a cartoon. I'm a person. I'm a cartoon. I make life better.
Adam: Oh, no! It's the bad guys who are dressed like French Grand Prix racecar drivers for some reason!
Pops: A-Am I doing this right? I still don't understand why we have to be animated.
Adam: No, I do the animation after. It's called rotoscoping.
Pops: Does it hurt?
Adam: Um, that's a wrap on Pops.
Pops: Oh, boy.
Beverly: [on paper] Poopie! Poopie, I'm still stuck in here. But I'll get out. [crashing sounds] Yay! I made it to your world, and now we can be together forever! [sings to the tune of Take On Me] ♪ Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom ♪ ♪ Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom ♪ ♪ Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom ♪

Quote from Adam

Brea: Wow.
Adam: I know, right? I'm sorry I didn't use you for the video, but my mom financed it and demanded the lead and an associate producer credit.
Brea: How long did it take?
Adam: Weeks. But that's mostly because I broke the first rotoscoping equipment when I opened the box too excitedly.
Brea: Do you ever notice how different our lives are?
Adam: Oh, no. You're finally realizing you're a total smoke show and this is as tall as I'll ever be.
Brea: I enjoy your compact frame. I'm just saying you live a charmed life.
Adam: That's ridiculous. My life is extremely challenging.
Beverly: Lunch is served. A feast for my boy king.
Adam: Not great timing, Mom.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I'll open your soda. I know how delicate your little fingies are.
Adam: This is not how she usually does it.
Beverly: True. Forgot your swirly straw. Adam has very delicate lips, as I'm sure you and I both know.
Brea: What a fun thing we share. I'm gonna head to work.
Adam: Brea, baby, I may have some creature comforts, but I put on my track jackets just like anyone else... one arm at a time.
Beverly: Oh, no. Are you cold, schmooey?
Adam: Dammit, Mom. I'm just proving a point.
Beverly: But, yes, I am slightly chilly.
Adam: Ow. Just got my thumb stuck. No biggie.
Beverly: Okay, I can't take it anymore. My baby is slightly chilly.
Adam: Not in front of my special girl!
Beverly: You heard him, Brea. Hit the bricks.

Quote from Barry

Barry: I used to be a Cub Scout until I was dishonorably discharged, so that tracks.

Quote from Adam

Adult Adam: [v.o.] As Geoff and Erica had a wild start to camping, I was determined to prove I wasn't as spoiled as Brea thought.
Adam: Great news, everybody. I'm not rich.
Dave Kim: I'm not sure you know what great news is.
Adam: No. I saw my dad's underwear drawer. It's clearly the remnants of someone without means.
Brea: Adam, stop. So your family has disposable income, and I have a single mom and have to work to buy things. I'm okay with it.
Adam: I mean, sure, I have a few extra knickknacks and odds and ends, but I'm not some Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold. [empties bag] No! That's just leftover Hanukkah gelt! It's foil-covered chocolate!
JC Spink: You're eating chocolate for lunch? That's pretty decadent, dude.

Quote from Adam

Adam: I must've grabbed the wrong bag when I was watching TV in the kitchen.
Brian: Kitchen TV? Ooh-la-la. How many televisions do you own?
Adam: Just a couple. One in the den, one in the basement.
Dave Kim: Don't forget about the one in the computer room.
JC Spink: You have a computer room?
Adam: It's more of an alcove.
Brian: [whispers] Like in the Vatican?

Quote from Dave Kim

Adam: Brea, just come over after school and we can watch a movie. I rented Brewster's Millions.
Dave Kim: The story of a guy who wastes a bunch of money just so he can get more money to waste?
Adam: I know the plot, Dave Kim!

Quote from Murray

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Was I an out-of-touch, spoiled-rotten kid? Only one way to find out... by testing the limits of my cheapest family member.
Adam: Dad, can I have a brand-new car?
Murray: Sure. Whatever.
Adam: Wait. Are there really no limits to what you'll give me?
Murray: Sure. Whatever.
Adam: Whatever I want? Like a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that talks like KITT in Knight Rider?
Murray: Sure.
Adam: What about a Miami Vice speedboat?
Murray: Whatever.
Adam: What about a to-scale exact replica of Optimus Prime's blue and red semi-truck?
Murray: What? Get away from me! I'm trying to watch The Weather Channel, and I missed the dew point!
Adam: Oh, I'm not wildly spoiled. You're just a horrible, disengaged parent. Thanks for everything you are, Dad.
Murray: Sure, whatever.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Adam can't get a job. He is just a child. There's laws against that.
Pops: A job would be good for him. Haven't you benefited from working?
Beverly: I suppose there is a certain satisfaction that comes after a long day of wardening.
Adam: I don't like where this is heading.
Pops: And you have some pride when you come home. When you put your feet up, you've earned it.
Beverly: "Put my feet up"? Me? Ha! Right away, I'm folding laundry and making snackies for this one. While he plays with the toys I bought him.
Adam: I'm your wittle boy angel.
Beverly: You know what? You should get a job.
Pops: There you go. A step forward.
Beverly: But if it becomes uncomfortable in any way, Mama Bear will run in and fix it.
Pops: And a big honkin' step back. But we're going back and forth, and that's not nothin'.

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