Pops Quote #127

Quote from Pops in Barry Goldberg's Day Off

Barry: Admit you're the Cameron.
Adam: My leopard vest and boyish charm say otherwise.
Barry: That's my look. I'm Ferris.
Pops: Enough. I'll be the Camden, then the two of you can be the Fergus.


 ‘Barry Goldberg's Day Off’ Quotes

Quote from Adam

Barry: Hey batter, hey batter, swing batter.
Adam: Hey butter, hey butter, sweet butter.
Barry: Are you saying sweet butter?
Adam: Shut up, I don't know sports.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Something's wrong. He didn't come to the window. I've got to get up there and put my lips on his forehead. It's the only way to get an accurate temperature.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: As of tomorrow, I will officially start my second job.
Erica: What's your first job?
Beverly: Being a mom! Unbelievable.