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The Fake-Up

‘The Fake-Up’

Season 7, Episode 22 -  Aired May 6, 2020

Beverly gets involved as Adam and Brea's relationship blossoms. Meanwhile, Barry is torn when Lainey comes to town.

Quote from Pops

Beverly: Are you kidding me? Who does he think he is, shaving and going to things? He's still a little boy.
Pops: You may not want to accept it, but Adam's basically a man. You know... Except for the body, voice, and toys.


Quote from Beverly

Adult Adam: [v.o.] As Barry sought dating advice, I found myself on a date with Brea... And my mom.
Beverly: Here I am.
Brea: Here, I saved you a seat next to me.
Beverly: Nonsense. Scooch. I've got the popcorn, so I'll sit in the middle.
Adam: I can't sit next to my girlfriend?
Beverly: You're sitting next to your original girlfriend.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Why are all my friends into you? You're built like Winnie the Pooh.
Barry: The lovable pants-less bear? He's a personal hero.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Let me set the mood with the silky sounds of Miss Jody Watley. Oh, balls. "Haunted Halloween Sound Effects"? Someone put this in the wrong case.
Brea: Would you just come here?
Adam: Oh, yes. The kissing. [doorbell rings]
Beverly: [o.s.] Brea! It's Beverly Goldberg! Brea! [knock on door]
Brea: Please tell me you popped in that haunted soundtrack.
Adam: This is much more terrifying.

Quote from Beverly

Brea: Mrs. G. Why are you here?
Beverly: For answers! How could you cheat on my baby?
Brea: That's what Adam told you?
Beverly: He told me about you and Tony the Tiger. What does he have that Adam doesn't? Was he not man enough for you? You know, 'cause he wears a lady's size seven tennis shoe?
Brea: Oh, wow.
Beverly: Or because root beer is too spicy for him? Or because I have to hide his pills in peanut butter?
Brea: That is a lot of new and very specific information.
Beverly: Well, then it must be because he sleeps with his Glo Worm.
Brea: Whose worm?
Beverly: His good-night friend, Glowie. It's a plush toy that lights up when you give him a little squeeze.
Brea: Isn't he a little old for that?
Beverly: And I tried to hide it from him, but he found it. Even hung up signs with a little reward.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: [sings] Laundry day, laundry day Make my baby's stains go away [gasps] Ooh!
Adam: Nothing! Studying! Respecting boundaries!
Beverly: What is going on here in the dark?
Adam: Brea, do you want to field this one?
Brea: I do not.
Beverly: And what is that funk? It's like I'm standing in a musky cloud.
Adam: Basements are damp.
Beverly: It's also hot. Like, steamy.
Brea: I think the dryer was on.
Adam: Brea on the board. The dryer. Likely culprit for everything you're smelling.
Beverly: Binaca. Vanilla-scented candle. Sade's classic booty groove The Sweetest Taboo. [gasps] You two were kissing!
Brea: Okay, I'm just gonna mosey on out of here.
Adam: No! We are not gonna be shamed by you. Basement kissing is a teen rite of passage. I demand you leave!

Quote from Beverly

Virginia: Beverly, are we doing the book club down here today?
Beverly: Book club is canceled.
Linda: You didn't read Fried Green Tomatoes, either, huh?
Essy: Snooze-fest. Nothing happens.
Beverly: Something's been happening down here. Adam and this young enchantress have been necking.
Essy: Lip locking?
Linda: Tongue wrestling?
Virginia: The first marital pleasure?
Brea: Is there a window or a chimney I can crawl out of?

Quote from Beverly

Adam: That's it. Everyone needs to leave immediately!
Erica: That's not gonna happen. [Barry chuckles] We're all just happy watching you squirm. Brea, is it?
Murray: I don't think so.
Brea: Screw it. I'm just gonna make a run for it. Bye, Adam. This was traumatic.
Beverly: Goodbye, Brea.
Adam: Look what you all did!
Beverly: Well, that's what you get, Schmoo. The next time you need kissies so badly, you come to your mama. [all groan]
Pops: I saw that coming.
Adam: Oh, balls, no!

Quote from Barry

Erica: What up, suckas?
Barry: Just our divine spirits. Turns out, I'm her handsome beau.
Ren: We're going with "boyfriend." Yay!
Erica: Okay, well, despite all of this, I'm glad I found you, because guess who's back in town.
Barry: The boys? The Globetrotters? Evel Knievel? Gallagher and his mallet?
Erica: It's Lainey.

Quote from Adam

Adam: I have an important announcement. Brea's coming over to pick me up for our date, and I don't want to hear a peep out of any of you.
Murray: You're not gonna have to worry about that here.
Beverly: Where are you going? Niagara Falls? To a seedy motel to do your wicked business?
Adam: For your information, we're gonna go see a Eugene O'Neill play and grab a late supper.
Beverly: Is that why you're dressed like a boy professor?
Adam: While you may not recognize it, Mother, I'm a man, with manly tastes and desires. [Beverly scoffs] Ooh. My five-o'clock shadow is early. 'Scuse me. My lady likes me clean.

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