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I Rode a Hoverboard

‘I Rode a Hoverboard’

Season 2, Episode 8 -  Aired December 3, 2014

When Adam breaks his arm dancing to George Michael, he tells his friends he injured himself falling off a hoverboard like in the "Back to the Future" movie. When Adam's lie threatens to unravel, Adam swears on his friendship with Emmy Mirsky. Meanwhile, the Goldbergs become regular patrons of a new Chinese restaurant in town, making Beverly feel like her family don't need her and her cooking any more.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Hi. I don't know if you remember me. I'm Beverly Goldberg.
Mrs. Kim: Yes, of course. You're the mom who I thought worked at the school 'cause she's there so much.
Beverly: I'm involved, yes.


Quote from Erica

Erica: Lucky for you, I'm an expert liar. And I'll teach you because you're the coolest, smartest, most capable brother a girl could ever have.
Adam: Really?
Erica: No, but now you see how good I am.

Quote from Murray

Murray: We're never eating her food again.
Beverly: Well, China Garden's not an option, so where else you gonna go?
Murray: We'll go to Bamboo Palace downtown. Come on, guys. Let's go.
Beverly: You'd never drive into the city during rush hour.
Murray: Oh, I will for this.
Beverly: Well, then I'll have you banned from there, too. Banned from Chinatown entirely.
Murray: Then we'll switch to Indian food.
Beverly: Your stomach can't handle the spices.
Murray: Then we'll get Sushi!
Beverly: Raw fish? You don't even like raw carrots.
Murray: Then we'll get Thailand food! That's right. Food from wherever that is.

Quote from Adam

Adam: What's wrong with a lonely boy in his room videotaping himself shaking his groove thing to George Michael? Yeah, I hear it now.

Quote from Beverly

Mrs. Kim: You can't put cheese on seafood! It breaks every culinary law!
Beverly: I'll put cheese on anything. Anything.
Mrs. Kim: You can't cheese anything.
Beverly: I once cheesed a slice of watermelon.
Mrs. Kim: That's disgusting.
Beverly: Or is it delicious?

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Do you know how many meals in a row I've cooked for you people? 53,000.
Adam: That can't be right.

Quote from Beverly

Mrs. Kim: We have a dish named after that one, "Big Tasty Pork". It's fried pork with regular pork on top.
Beverly: He would love that, yes.

Quote from Adam

Erica: Are you kidding me? A hoverboard? You were supposed to say something real, like skiing.
Adam: Well that's just crazy. No one would believe I could ski.

Quote from Adam

Adam: I am so psyched. This severe compound fracture is my ticket to popularity.

Quote from Barry

Adam: Dave Kim's parents own that place. Maybe we can get some free French Fries.
Barry: Hey, stupid, it's Chinese Fries.

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