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Quote from Blade Runner: The Musical

Naked Rob: And being naked is not as easy as it used to be. I have a court date. I'm not totally sure I'm allowed to be with your baby.
Erica: I feel like that's something you should've mentioned earlier.


Quote from Eight-bit Goldbergs

Barry: Hey, bro! Me and the JTP have been playing your game and we got a butt load of notes.
Adam: No. No more notes.
Naked Rob: But you made me shirtless in the game. I'm not Shirtless Rob. I'm Naked Rob. Take off my computer pants right now.

Quote from A Peck of Familial Love

Naked Rob: I don't have a sister, but, uh, if I did, we'd hold hands. Sometimes I draw us together. The family therapist recommended stopping.

Quote from The Downtown Boys

Naked Rob: I, too, am at a crossroads. Um, my dad's retiring. And I always thought, you know, if nothing panned out, I could just follow him into that career, but that door has just been shut.
Barry: You're upset you can no longer manufacture toddler car seats?
Naked Rob: We saved lives. Except for that one model.

Quote from Adam Spielberg

Naked Rob: Yo, bro.We heard ab out your movie. JTP wants in.
Adam: Seriously? You want to be in it?
Naked Rob: I was thinking more cameraman. Naked Rob's tired of always being objectified for his body.
Adam: Technically, you're the one who gets naked, but, yes.

Quote from The Greatest Musical Ever Written

Barry: You guys are nuts! My super foxy girlfriend and theater dork brother? Yeah, not sweating it.
Naked Rob: Strange 'cause your t-shirt is quite wet.
Andy: Yeah you're literally sweating it.
Barry: You are! Anyhow, I'm gonna go change my shirt and pop by rehearsal for the fun of it.
Geoff: He's so sweaty.
Andy: Yeah, it's like a gland issue.
Naked Rob: Must be.

Quote from The Kara-te Kid

Naked Rob: Put him in a body bag, Adam!
Andy: Which Adam?
Naked Rob: Uh, either one.

Quote from The Day After the Day After

Murray: What are you dummies going on about?
Matt: Tonight, they're airing a gnarly made-for-TV movie called "The Day After," where America's in a nuclear war with Russia.
Geoff: Ka-boom!
Andy: America!
Naked Rob: Jason Robards, y'all!
Barry: All of the teachers at school warned us not to see it, so we have to watch it to send a clear message of "Suck it."

Quote from Jackie Likes Star Trek

Naked Rob: I'll go first. Oh, mystical Ouija. Will there ever be more lenient laws on public nudity? Please say yes. Come on. Yes, Naked Rob wins!

Quote from Girl Talk

Naked Rob: Dude, "Girl Talk" sucks. The only thing I've gotten from this game is a bunch of zit stickers.
Barry: And I admitted I had a crush on the hunky quarterback, and he's so not my type.
Naked Rob: You need a guy who makes you laugh, man.

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