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The Lost Boy

‘The Lost Boy’

Season 2, Episode 16 - Aired March 25, 2015

When Adam attends a Phillies game with Murray, he gets lost after Murray decides he is old enough to walk through the stadium on his own. Elsewhere, Beverly invites herself along with Erica and Barry to go see a movie. After Pops teaches Erica and Barry how to beat Beverly's guilt tricks, they are prepared when Beverly threatens to walk home if they don't bend to her will and spend the night bedazzling clothes with her.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Wow, I am being rejected by two people who were tethered to my body for nine months by a food cord. That's right, everything I ate you got a tiny mushed up version of. Everything!


Quote from Barry

Barry: You know that thing mom does when she storms out of the car and you have to beg her to get back in?
Pops: Oh yeah, the big guns.
Barry: Well, we left her on the side of the road like an old mattress. Boom!

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I'm going to die one day, but have fun with your friends.

Quote from Pops

Erica: Pops, if your thing was so simple, we would have done it a long time ago.
Pops: You're right. I'm just a silly, old man. I should just go home, ball up my socks, and go to bed.
Erica: No. I'm sorry.
Barry: Don't do that. We love you.
Pops: It's not real! Don't feel!

Quote from Adam

Adam: Isn't there some private executive washroom with scented soaps instead of a giant metal river of wizz?

Quote from Murray

Murray: Hello, wonderful family who I'm not going to be seeing for next six, glorious hours.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Here I go. I'll probably get flattened by a truck. Not that you'll care.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Is our mom okay?
Officer: She's fine. I gave her a lift. Luckily for her, I driving down Old York Road and was temporarily blinded by the sunlight reflecting off her bejeweled jacket.
Barry: Where is she?
Officer: In the back of my cruiser with a little pack of tissues. She's pretty certain she failed as a mother.
Erica: I know this looks bad, but you have to understand, she uses guilt to get her way.
Officer: So she's like every mom? Except in this case, you abandoned her on the side of the road. Shame on you. Shame.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I have one thing to say to you. That was [beep] up.

Quote from Pops

Pops: Have you ever wondered why they love hanging out with me so much? Because I don't force them to. Also, I'm pretty frickin' delightful.
Beverly: You are pretty delightful.
Pops: And so are you.

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