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Season 3, Episode 21 - Aired April 13, 2016

When Beverly gives Adam a “best son” trophy, Barry brings to her attention that she always favors Adam.  Appalled, Beverly decides to ignore Adam (much to his delight) and smother Barry (much to his dislike), but it backfires. Meanwhile, Erica starts dating a boy who gets her to love the band Rush as much as he does and whom Murray doesn’t approve of.

Quote from Geoff

Geoff: 'sup, Erica? Really feeling the flock today, am I right?
Erica: Ugh. Flock of Seagulls is so last week, Geoff. We're all about Debbie Gibson now.
Geoff: But I used an entire jar of honey for this. [Bees buzzing] I've been fighting off bees all morning.


Quote from Barry

Barry: I want my own trophy 'cause I'm better than Adam at everything. Can he soothe animals with just some peanut butter and a smile? Can he eat an entire apple in just two bites? Hmm? Give me an apple right now. [Moans, groans] [Muffled] Bad start. Give me another.
Beverly: Don't waste my apples.

Quote from Barry

Barry: What is this? [gasps] "Best Son"? You gave Adam a golden trophy? That squeaky-voiced turd?

Quote from Beverly

Barry: See that? Adam's photo is twice the size of ours.
Beverly: This is a misunderstanding. The photo guy made it the wrong size, and I couldn't return it.
Barry: Please. I've seen you return a dead goldfish, used ChapStick, and a bathing suit Dad wore for 10 straight days in Puerto Rico.
Beverly: That liner was destroyed. Destroyed.

Quote from Erica

Lainey: I've dated the biggest jerks on the planet. Trust me. You need to end up with a nice guy like Barry.
Erica: [gags]
Lainey: Okay, please don't gag when I mention your brother's name.
Erica: [gags]
Carla: [gags]
Lainey: Why are you gagging?
Carla: I'm sorry, but her gaggy face is making me gag.
Erica: [gags]
Carla: [gags]
Lainey: [gags]
Erica: [gags]
Carla: [gags]
Lainey: [gags]
Erica: [gags] Stop.

Quote from Pops

Pops: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Murray: I'm not letting Ponytail Johnson anywhere near my daughter.
Pops: Trying to keep them from each other is a classic mistake. It'll only make her want him more. Just like with you and Bev.
Murray: Please. You loved me.
Pops: No. I hated you real bad. Thought you were a stubborn grump. First night, I nicknamed you "El Lumpo." 'Cause you're a lump.
Murray: Yeah, yeah. I get it.
Pops: Really bad-mouthed you to everyone. Backfired big-time, so when you think about it, you're welcome.
Murray: This is hurtful.

Quote from Barry

Barry: The heck is this?
Beverly: Just a "Best Son" trophy for my real best son. Here's the truth. You are an amazing athlete with a ton of trophies. I only gave Adam one for "Best Son" so he wouldn't be jealous of your greatness.
Barry: See, this makes sense.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Come and eat this chili I made you.
Barry: No, I'm not gonna eat a bowl of chili before I play. It'll slow me down!
Beverly: Nonsense. It'll give you strength. It's Mama's special power chili.
Barry: I don't want it.
Beverly: It's loaded with meat and beans.
Barry: I don't want it.
Beverly: It's Mama's special power chili.
Barry: I'm not gonna eat your special power chili.
Beverly: Look at the meat and beans.
Barry: I see the meat and beans. I just don't want to eat the meat and beans.
Beverly: Eat the damn meat and beans, get some power, then wash it down with some bone-strengthening buttermilk.
Barry: No milk and no chili. I have to skate for three hours!
Beverly: That's why you need the buttermilk. It coats the mouth and belly from all the power-giving chili.
Barry: [groans] No.
Beverly: There you go.
Barry: It's so beany and meaty.
Beverly: Feel the beefy power.
Barry: My tongue can't fight the beefiness.

Quote from Mr. Glascott

Erica: And you, why are you even here? You're a teacher.
Mr. Glascott: I'm here to guide you away from dating Atkins. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's an adult man living amongst the student body as an undercover cop.
Carla: Like "21 Jump Street"?
Mr. Glascott: Mm-hmm.
Geoff: That makes sense to me.

Quote from Adam

Adam: [on the phone] I don't care if it'll get the other kids sick. I promised drinks with fog! Why would a clown need to see a picture of me before he agrees to come? You can't make me a camera cake? You advertise specialty cakes! Oh, you're a fraud!

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