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Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) is a middle-aged mom living in the middle of America with her middle-class family: husband Mike (Neil Flynn), oldest son Axl, middle child Sue, and youngest son Brick.

Starring: Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, Atticus Shaffer.
Recurring Actors: Brock Ciarlelli, Norm Macdonald, John Cullum, Marsha Mason, Jerry Van Dyke, Jeanette Miller, Jen Ray, Paul Hipp, Chris Kattan, Brian Doyle-Murray, Brooke Shields, Beau Wirick, John Gammon, Katlin Mastandrea, Jack McBrayer, Casey Burke, Daniela Bobadilla.
Original Run: 2009-2018.

Popular Quotes

Quote from Brick in Mommapalooza

Sue: Okay, so, what do we do? Dad didn't give us enough drywall to fix a hole this big. He's gonna freak out.
Brick: I'm not gonna lie. It's gonna be really rough for you.
Sue: Me? You're the one who did this.
Brick: Well, you're the older sister who left her little brother to do major home repair on his own. Besides, if Dad flips out, I can just play the quirk card. I shrug, I look confused, throw in a few whoops and whispers, lick something if I have to... I'm off scot-free.
Sue: Oh, my God. You're diabolical.
Brick: I am not diabolical. [whispers] Diabolical. [normal voice] It's so easy. [whispers] It's so easy. [normal voice] Okay, that one wasn't planned.


Quote from Brick in Flirting with Disaster

Brick: The Silligans come from a drier planet and are a rock-type people, whereas the Vernegos' habitat is a lusher, forest area...
Sue: Brick, enough! You have been droning on and on since we left. I am trying to concentrate. Aunt Edie's car is 3 feet wider than any car I've ever driven.
Brick: Sorry. Well, do you wanna listen to a book on tape?
Sue: Please. [tape rattling]
Brick: [on tape] But Soran would have to navigate the Asteroid belts of Norox without a working Pernovian laser. [whispers] Pernovian laser.
Sue: Is that you?
Brick: Uh-huh! I recorded the entire series on tape. I play them when my eyes are too tired from reading.
Brick: [on tape] As professor Faxon's prophecy foretold, Soran's quest...

Quote from Brick in Hecks on a Train

Brick: Do we have any details about the cause of Aunt Edie's death?
Mike: Just one. She was 96.
Brick: Interesting. Has anyone questioned Helen Riley? She was the perennial runner-up to Aunt Edie in the church pie contest.

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Quote from Sue in Friends, Lies and Videotape

Frankie: [v.o.] Axl and the Ax-Men weren't the only ones not taking "no" for an answer. Sue and Carly were coming up with an ill-advised solution to their problem, too.
Sue: [loud, stilted voice] This should be a good movie. I'm so glad I got the afternoon off work from the chiropractor's office where I work.
Carly: [loud, stilted voice] My work's been stressful, too. I've got a big memo due by the end of the month.
Sue: How is your coffee?
Carly: Good. How's your coffee?
Sue: Good. Remember when we saw 127 Hours? I didn't think there was enough sex and violence. I could have used more mature themes.
Carly: Yeah. I could have totally handled it. [lowers voice] We're next. Oh, my God. I think the ticket taker's looking at us. My heart is racing!
Ticket Seller: [o.s.] Next!
Sue: [deep voice] Two adult tickets for Rivers of Love, please.
Carly: [whispers] Sue! Your braces.
Sue: [gasps] [covers mouth with coffee cup] Thank you. Do you require anything else from us at this time?
Ticket Seller: No.
Sue: Very well. [both squeal]