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20Quotes from ‘Smother's Day’

The Goldbergs: Smother's Day

322. Smother's Day

Aired May 4, 2016

As Adam tries to convince his father to pay for him to visit Space Camp, he learns the truth about Murray's childhood. Meanwhile, Barry and Erica forget Mother's Day.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Come on. Put yourself in my shoes. Think back to when you were a kid You know, pushing a hoop with a stick on the way to the old fishin' hole.
Murray: How old do you think I am?!


Quote from Adam

Adam: Wow! Wasn't that the most amazing movie you've ever seen?
Dave Kim: Eh, a bunch of kids getting accidentally launched into space? That's asking a lot of the audience.
Adam: It wasn't an accident. A small boy befriends a robot who gets a NASA computer to launch them into orbit. It's based on a true story.
Emmy Mirsky: Yeah, you said the same thing about "Mannequin" and "Weekend at Bernie's."

Quote from Barry

Adam: Did you guys forget and I'm the only decent child in this family?
Barry: Shut your face-mouth! We have a gift. It's a boat. It's two boats. It's not a boat, but it's way cooler and more expensive.
Erica: We just got to go wrap the awesome thing that we bought you months and months ago.
Barry: We got to go to the toilet together.

Quote from Murray

Adam: Ohhh! What is this we happened to stumble upon? It's the Gyrotron 2000, which simulates the tumble-spin upon a rocket's re-entry.
Pops: Kiddo, weren't you just talking about Space Camp? What an amazing coincidence!
Murray: Wait. You said you needed sports shoes for the big athletic game. And now that I hear myself say it, I'm an idiot!

Quote from Murray

Adam: Point is, you were a child once, with hopes and dreams, just like me. We're the same.
Murray: Nope. Never had any dreams.
Adam: Every kid has dreams.
Murray: Mm, I didn't.
Pops: Wait. You've always been like this? I thought life broke you down.
Murray: Eh, even before that, I was like "Myeh."

Quote from Barry

Barry: It's been a minute. We're done. Let me out of your grasp.
Beverly: The coupon says "Spoonies with Mama." It doesn't specify a time limit.
Barry: "One minute" was implied.
Beverly: Well, you should have put that in the terms and restrictions.
Barry: I wrote that when I was 6. The world was still new.

Quote from Erica

Erica: This is too much. Last night, we went to an Italian restaurant, and she made me "Lady and the Tramp" a piece of spaghetti.
Barry: That's nothing. This morning, I gave her a back massage. Her skin sucked up the lotion like a biscuit!
Erica: Yesterday, I held hands with her for an hour as we walked around the park. We looked like a lesbian couple where she makes the money.

Quote from Barry

Barry: You can't do this! I need my Samurai sword and my California Raisins and my dancing cola friend! They're what makes me me!
Beverly: You mean this guy? He dances for me now. Shake it, cola man!

Quote from Murray

Adam: Well, it's about to get a lot better.
Murray: I don't know what that is.
Adam: Stop! I know all about the dummy. Pop-Pop told me everything.
Murray: Fine! The dummy is mine. Are you happy? I got that stupid thing when I was a kid.
Adam: But why does it look like you now?
Murray: Now? That's how I looked.

Quote from Pops

Adam: Come on. Put your hand in your old friend.
Murray: I will not put my hand in my friend.
Adam: Do it! Feel your dream again!
Murray: Why is this happening to me?!
Adam: Put your hand right on in there!
Murray: Stop saying that!
Pops: Murray, what's the big deal? Jam your fist up your old pal. It'll feel nice.

Quote from Murray

Adam: Do you even hear yourself? You're just as bad as Pop-Pop. He crushed all your dreams, and now you're crushing mine.
Murray: I am nothing like him. Have I ever left you hungry? Did you ever have to walk home 5 miles in the rain from school? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep because you didn't know if I was coming home or not?
Adam: Dad, I didn't know that.
Murray: Well, there's a lot you don't know.

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