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Couples Costume

‘Couples Costume’

Season 3, Episode 6 -  Aired October 28, 2015

When Dana comes to visit Adam for Halloween, he wants to spend the night with her and not Beverly. Trying to cope with this turn of events, Beverly decides to teach Adam a lesson on how dangerous the holiday can be, but the tables turn on Beverly. Later, Barry and Erica convince Adam to take Dana to a haunted house. Adam refuses to go back inside when Dana loses her promise ring and an unlikely family member helps him.

Quote from Pops

Pops: Ooh, look at you! It's Spider Guy, Strawberry Flapjacks, and, hey, it's Herman the Frog. Wokkity, Wokkity.
Kermit: Everything you're saying is wrong.


Quote from Adam

Adam: I can't hear you through the fog!
Barry: That's not how fog works.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Your mothers have failed as mothers.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: I'm Indy.
Beverly: And I'm Mork. I thought you said you were going as Mindy.
Adam: Why would I be going as Mindy?
Beverly: Well, I guess we're Mork and Indy.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Hey, Boopie.
Adam: What the hell?
Beverly: It's me, Momma. I'm The Predator!

Quote from Barry

Adam: Ow! What was that for?
Barry: Dude, your girlfriend came across the ocean to be with you.
Adam: Dana lives in Seattle.
Barry: Exactly! Do you really think she wants to spend her one night in America collecting candy like a little toddler?

Quote from Erica

Adam: But that's what we always do.
Erica: It's what you did. You're adults now. Just listen to your deep, yet still high, weird voice.
Adam: Hurtful, but continue.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Spiderman, give me your [beep] candy! I'm saving lives. I'm saving lives!

Quote from Barry

Erica: Are you okay, man?
Barry: Yeah! I just had the bravery shakes, God.
Adam: What's happening with you right now?
Barry: Look, I know for some reason you think I have extra testosterone and no fear.
Adam: Yeah, because you've said those exact words for the last ten years.
Barry: But the truth is I have a normal amount of testosterone and a tremendous amount of fear.
Adam: Then why would you say it?
Barry: I say it because people finding out about my fear is my greatest fear!

Quote from Beverly

Adam: Stop it. The Predator doesn't talk with smooches. He clicks.
Beverly: Well, this Predator kisses instead of kills.
Adam: You're ruining the property.
Beverly: Or is Preda-mom making it better?

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