• Friends Friends

    A group of friends confront the challenges of life as their twenties turn into their thirties in New York City.

    9,791 quotes 236 episodes 10 seasons

  • The Office The Office

    A mockumentary which follows the employees of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of a fictional paper company, Dunder Mufflin.

    7,857 quotes 186 episodes 9 seasons

  • Schitt's Creek Schitt's Creek

    After the wealthy Rose family lose their fortune, they go to live in their one remaining asset, the small town of Schitt's Creek, which they bought as a joke two decades earlier.

    3,155 quotes 80 episodes 6 seasons

  • The Golden Girls The Golden Girls

    Four older women share friendship and a home in Miami as they show that life doesn't stop at fifty.

    6,087 quotes 172 episodes 7 seasons

  • Modern Family Modern Family

    Modern Family is a mockumentary that follows the extended Pritchett family with three diverse households that show what it means to be a modern family.

    9,654 quotes 232 episodes 10 seasons

  • Frasier Frasier

    After Dr. Frasier Crane returns to his hometown of Seattle to host a radio call-in show, his bachelor lifestyle is turned upside down when his father is forced to move in with him.

    9,168 quotes 260 episodes 11 seasons

  • How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

    In 2030, a father tells his children the story of his time in New York City before he met their mother.

    6,973 quotes 207 episodes 9 seasons

  • Scrubs Scrubs

    Scrubs follows a group of medical students, J.D., Elliot and Turk, as they begin work at Sacred Heart teaching hospital.

    6,606 quotes 182 episodes 9 seasons

  • Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation

    Parks and Recreation centers on Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in the parks department of the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, who is determined to use her position to improve the lives of the town's residents.

    5,285 quotes 126 episodes 7 seasons

  • The Goldbergs The Goldbergs

    A movie-obsessed teen documents his life growing up in an outrageous yet loving family in the 1980s.

    4,773 quotes 140 episodes 6 seasons

  • Boy Meets World Boy Meets World

    Cory Matthews navigates the challenges of growing up with his close circle of friends, loving family, and an all too involved teacher living next door.

    1,170 quotes 157 episodes 7 seasons

  • The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory

    When an attractive waitress moves in across the hall from physicists Sheldon and Leonard, the scientists' universe expands.

    4,888 quotes 279 episodes 12 seasons

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine centers on a police precinct where an uptight new captain tries to instill order in his squad.

    2,065 quotes 143 episodes 7 seasons

  • Young Sheldon Young Sheldon

    Young Sheldon follows the life of child genius Sheldon Cooper growing up in East Texas.

    881 quotes 65 episodes 3 seasons

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