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Shall We Play a Game?

‘Shall We Play a Game?’

Season 2, Episode 4 - Aired October 22, 2014

When Barry and his friends want Adam to hack into the school computer system to change their grades, he tricks them into actually learning, but it gets Barry kicked out of the cool group, the Jenkintown Posse. Meanwhile, Beverly is upset when she sees Erica and her friends hanging with the cool mom, so she tries to act cool around Erica and her friends.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I made these people, me. I made them with my body.


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Do you know what could happen in four minutes? You could drown, choke, eat poison berries. And if any of that happens, then I have failed as a mother.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Hang up! I'm trying to hack. This is a nightmare. I mean, I'm starting to think a major motion picture has lied to me about the capabilities of home computers.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Well, I just want to hang out with my girls, right? Um, what do you say we, uh, read some teen magazines and gossip about boys? I'll go first. I like Murray.

Quote from Beverly

Murray: We're talking about Louise Rubin here? Oh, she's the coolest.
Beverly: What?
Murray: Yeah! She'll cut the top off her shirt just to show her shoulder.
Beverly: Well, I can do that. See? I'm just as cool as the next mom.
Murray: What are you doing?
Beverly: I'm trying to expose my shoulder! Poop. I just stretched it out.
Murray: Stop stretching your sweater.
Beverly: Okay.
Murray: Stop!
Beverly: Well, I got to stretch my sweater out so I can show my shoulder.
Murray: Why won't you stop?! I don't know why you can't stop, but you need to stop!

Quote from Barry

Barry: Dude, I just saw the best movie ever. War Games! All this time I thought computers were for lazy-eyed losers like you, but they're actually bad ass.

Quote from Erica

Beverly: I'm fun, too.
Erica: Of course you are. Just not hang-out fun. More like a "I have a freckle and I need you to tell me whether it's worth being looked at by a dermatologist" fun.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: When you said you were going to the mall with your friend Louise, I thought that meant a girl from your class, not Mrs. Rubin.
Louise: Ugh, I don't want them to call me that. It makes me feel like such a mom, you know?
Beverly: Ohh, pfft. Yeah. That's why I like Erica's friends to call me Bev.
Lainey: Sounds good, Bev.
Beverly: Don't like it. Go back.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: The nerve of that woman, cold chillin' with my daughter at the mall. Erica should be cold chillin' with me, not her!
Murray: What are you talking about? You cold chill with Erica all the time.
Beverly: No. I only feed her soup when she's sick and give her boric-acid drops when she's got pinkeye. I'm in the trenches doing the important, boring stuff. But when it comes time for fun, well, she heads straight to Louise Rubin.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: 'Sup, ladies?
Erica: Why are you dressed like a giant doily?
Beverly: Just expressing myself like our gal Madonna.
Erica: Mom, that's El DeBarge. He's a dude. And since when do you like Madonna, anyway?
Beverly: Oh, since I heard her rockin' song about staying a virgin. It's very cool to wait.

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