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Quote from Beverly in I Drank The Mold

Virginia Kremp: Oh please, I've seen Adam doing horseplay when I have specifically requested no horseplay. He's no angel.
Beverly: Oh, he is an angel. He could literally sprout wings and take flight at any moment.


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Quote from Barry

Murray: No more music crap! First I bought you records, then eight-tracks, then cassettes, where does it end?
Barry: Here. The technology ends here. CDs are so good that scientists have given up and quit. It's all over the paper. They're unemployed.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Birthday both sighting! Oh, it's my little love muffin's birthday. And how do I know? Because I grew your body in my body.
Adam: Will you stop bringing that up, we all know where I came from.

Quote from Barry

Erica: Let's break this down. What are the greatest songs about?
Barry: Well, obviously you gotta start with a guy in a mill.
Erica: No.
Barry: And he's working his fingers to the bone on some kind of metal thing where sparks fly. And he's dead broke. Definitely lives in Jersey.
Erica: Why are Jersey?
Barry: That's the heartland, where all the real people live. And die, because mill work is dangerous.