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Season 8, Episode 6 -  Aired November 25, 2020

Adam confronts his sheltered upbringing after seeing Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. Meanwhile, Geoff questions Barry and Erica's ethics after ding a parked car.

Quote from Barry

Erica: I'm in. I had pizza for lunch, but I'll just fold it over and say it's a calzone.
Barry: And I'll take Hawaiian. Those island people wear flip-flops to the office. They know how to live.
Erica: Pineapple? Who puts fruit on a pizza?
Barry: This guy! There's literally nothing I won't eat if it's on top of sauce, cheese, and dough.
Murray: What about sardines?
Barry: Those salty little guppies? Stack 'em up.
Erica: Yogurt?
Barry: It'll just make it healthier.
Beverly: Franks n' beans?
Barry: It's called campfire pizza. Reminds me of summer.


Quote from Beverly

Adam: Enough pizza talk! I'm trying to tell you I saw this movie and it makes me want to do something big.
Beverly: From the moment you came taxiing down my baby tarmac, I've known you were gonna change the world.
Erica: Haunting, but colorful.
Barry: She never disappoints.
Beverly: I'm behind you a hundred percent.
Adam: Then Adam F. Goldberg is a man on a mission!
Beverly: Ha! Yes! Go, Schmoo! Make your mark!

Quote from Murray

Murray: You never leave a note! Ever! No note!
Erica: See, Geoff? It all worked out.
Geoff: Not for the guy with the dented car.
Murray: Follow our Golden Rule... "Do unto others or they'll do unto you."
Geoff: That's not the Golden Rule.
Erica: He didn't say the Golden Rule. He said our Golden Rule. Words matter, Geoff.
Barry: I thought it was "Do unto others before they do unto you."
Erica: That's good too.

Quote from Barry

Adult Adam: [v.o.] As my friends were teaching me some tough lessons, Geoff was schooling Barry and Erica in one of his own.
Geoff: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
Barry: Uh, I never agreed to this, but this meeting is occurring where I live and I didn't want to put shoes on, so well-played.
Geoff: It's no secret that Erica and I hope to one day have a family of our own.
Erica: Aww.
Geoff: And that's why I'm worried about your broken moral compass and complete lack of ethics.
Erica: Well, that took a hard turn.
Geoff: I've got to show you that the world is not just full of bad apples trying to take advantage of you.
Barry: Ha! Where is this fantasyland, with mermaids, unicorns, and armadillos?
Geoff: Armadillos are real.
Barry: Sure, buddy. Same with Komodo dragons. This guy.

Quote from Adam

[To Kill a Mockingbird:]
Adam: Why? Do something, Gregory Peck.
[Sophie's Choice:]
Adam: Don't make her pick!
[The Killing Fields:]
Adam: Cambodia is such a beautiful country. Oh, no!
[Mississippi Burning:]
Adam: Why would a small-town sheriff behave that way?
Adam: Oh, mother of mercy, why?!
Adam: I miss feeling safe!
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Yep, those movies proved it.
Adam: World bad. World real bad.

Quote from Mr. Glascott

Adam: I know you'll say I'm wrong, but I feel how I feel. The world is a bag of hot, festering crap.
Mr. Glascott: Mm-hmm.
Adam: What do you mean, "Mm-hmm?"
Mr. Glascott: I agree. The world is crap in a bag.
Adam: What? Aren't you gonna try to make me feel better?
Mr. Glascott: Do you know I get followed by store security at the pharmacy? I'm a 55-year-old man in an argyle sweater vest. What am I stealing? More mustache shampoo?
Adam: You use a separate product for your mustache?
Mr. Glascott: It's a very different hair. But you're missing the point... the world is terrible.
Adam: But if it's all bad, how do we fix it?
Mr. Glascott: All you can do is chip away. For me, it's trying to get the board to change our textbooks. They're outdated and biased. Did you know that the chapter on Civil Rights is basically a fold-out of Lyndon B. Johnson? If you open the third page, you can see half of Martin Luther King Jr.'s face. Sadly, he's misidentified as Lou Rawls.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Geoff, you've inspired me to be a better man.
Geoff: Aww, Bar. Are you giving some of your stuff to charity?
Barry: Nope, I'm giving some of your stuff back.
Geoff: My missing Jordans? I cried when I couldn't find these!
Barry: So hard. But they're back now, and they smell like my feet.
Geoff: My toothbrush? My pajamas? A photo of my Nana?
Barry: [chuckles] I like her face.
Geoff: My prescription swim goggles?
Barry: Yeah, those gave me a headache in the shower. But the good news is, I learned my lesson and I will never permanently borrow anything from you again. Later, Schwartz.
[When Barry turns around, he is wearing a jersey with the name "G. Schwartz 13" on the back]
Geoff: Oh, come on!

Quote from Adam

Adult Adam: [v.o.]Back in the '80s, I loved a good popcorn flick, so much so that I made my own versions of them. Yep, nothing thrilled me more than a light-hearted romp, and I couldn't wait to be inspired by Hollywood's latest.
Adam: One for Turner & Hooch, please.
Attendant: Sorry, it's sold out.
Adam: But I had my heart set on the gentle action-comedy of Tom Hanks.
Attendant: Do the Right Thing starts in five minutes.
Adam: Does it have action? Excitement? A hound with a nose for murder?
Attendant: It has Danny Aiello.
Adam: From Broadway's Danny Rose? Sold. Spike Lee, huh? What a fun name!

Quote from Adam

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Turns out, Do the Right Thing was no light-hearted romp. It was a groundbreaking look at the tensions, heartache, and violence caused by racism. I was inspired, but in a different way, and I had to tell someone.
Adam: Radio Raheem had this huge boombox and "love" and "hate" on his hands. And then Brooklyn was super hot, so this sweaty Larry Bird guy is scuffing people's shoes. And... And...
Beverly: O-Okay, you're having a fever dream. I'm gonna run and go get the tushie thermometer.
Adam: Mom, we've discussed this. I'm okay with the mouth one now. I need you to listen. See, Mookie works at this pizza place...
Murray: Pizza! Yes. Let's get some pizza and some crazy bread.
Adam: We're not getting pizza. We're opening our eyes to prejudice.
Murray: No, no. Too late!

Quote from Barry

Barry: [on the phone] Yes, one large Hawaiian with extra pineapple.
Murray: Hey! No pineapple on pizza!
Erica: Ew! Barry! No one wants... [they tussle]
Barry: Let me have this! [all shouting] It's island time!

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