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Ho-ly K.I.T.T.

‘Ho-ly K.I.T.T.’

Season 4, Episode 7 - Aired November 16, 2016

On Thanksgiving, Murray and his brother, Marvin, argue over who's the biggest Knight Rider fan, while Beverly and Bill Lewis compete over who cooks the best turkey.

Quote from Adam

Adam: There's two Adam Goldbergs. One of us uses an F to differentiate.


Quote from Adam

Adam: I was wrong. There can be two. Like how there are two Adam Goldbergs in my school.

Quote from Beverly

Barry: I can't believe you! What kind of monster won't let her own son abandon his entire family on Thanksgiving?
Beverly: You left me no choice. You know I would literally die if I didn't have all my children here for Thanksgiving. Is that what you want, to bury your mother on Thanksgiving?

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Everyone, come back! It's Thanks-[bleep]-giving!

Quote from Pops

Pops: Come on, they're getting along. Don't take that away from them over some singing boat.
Adam: Talking car.
Pops: Enough with this meshuggaas.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Mom, I am coming to you with an urgent request, 'cause you understand the hopes and dreams of a sensitive, artistic boy.
Beverly: What is it, Love Bug? Tell Mama.
Adam: I want to go see K.I.T.T. in the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Murray: I'm not driving you anywhere on Thanksgiving.
Adam: Please, Mama. Make the awful man take me to see the thing I love.
Beverly: Sweetie, I would never deprive my delicious little schmoopster of anything his heart desires.
Adam: Yes! In your face, guy who's gonna drive me to fun!

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Hey, there, guess what. You're invited to our Thanksgiving. The invitation is just a formality. You're coming. No, it's not an option.
Bill Lewis: Well, thanks, but we kind of have our own thing-
Beverly: Okay, it's settled. Yay. I'll see you in a few. Don't bring any food. I'm closing the door, shutting off all communication, okay? Yay again!

Quote from Beverly

Erica: Huge Thanksgiving announcement, Bill and Lainey. I won't be eating turkey this year for moral reasons.
Bill Lewis: What's her deal?
Beverly: Get out of here. No one has time for your thing this year.

Quote from Murray

Adam: You!
Murray: What are you doing? I got to pull the car in.
Adam: How could you two see K.I.T.T. without me?
Murray: Calm down. How was I supposed to know you wanted to see the awesome TV car?
Adam: 'Cause I'm the one who told you about it!
Murray: Ahh. That's where I heard that. In my defense, you're always talking about these He-Mans, these robits, and these Trons, they all kind of blur together.
Adam: You're confusing sci-fi fantasy with reality-based sci-fi action. You're embarrassing yourself!

Quote from Barry

Barry: Oh, sweet god of food, what is in my mouth-face right now?!

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