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I Lost on Jeopardy

‘I Lost on Jeopardy’

Season 6, Episode 21 - Aired April 10, 2019

When a girl at school tells Barry she likes him, he lets a petty school rivalry get in the way. Meanwhile, Erica's big plan to end her dropout funk is to apply to game shows.

Quote from Barry

Adam: Trust me, bro. I don't think Kim's a spy.
Barry: Of course she is.
Adam: When she read your note, she immediately had tears of sadness and rage.
Barry: Ugh, right. That Kim's a tough cookie. But I literally eat cookies for breakfast.


Quote from Murray

Adult Adam: [v.o.] The '80s was the golden age of the game show. From the big money prizes to the cheesy hosts, my family was obsessed. My dad's favorite was "Family Feud," because he delighted in watching other families with dumbass kids.
Murray: Hoo-hoo! Feels good knowing this dad's got kids that are bigger morons than mine!

Quote from Beverly

Adult Adam: [v.o.] My mom loved "Wheel of Fortune," 'cause Vanna White was her idol.
Beverly: I gotta start wearing more evening gowns.
Adam: Please don't.

Quote from Erica

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Since Erica was a closet nerd, she loved herself some "Jeopardy!"
Erica: What is polyester?! What is Dijon, France?! Who is Amerigo Vespucci?! What a bunch of jamokes.

Quote from Murray

Newscaster: [on TV] And in game-show news, Michael Larson of Ohio cracked the code on "Press Your Luck" and won over $100,000.
Murray: Yep, he cracked the code.
Adam: My God, man! You know what you cost us?! A mahogany bedroom set and wicker patio furniture.
Murray: Damn it! Why do I discourage my children?!
Adam: And a state-of-the-art Sanyo hi-fi stereo system!
Murray: Hi-fi?! That's the best kind of fi there is!
Adam: And a wildly impractical home sauna!
Murray: I have no room for it, but it's my dream!
Adam: Plus a trip to Orlando, Florida, where you can ride the movies!
Murray: What have I done?!
Both: Gah!

Quote from Barry

Kim: Hey, Barry.
Barry: Hey, you!
Kim: You know how, like, it's the last week of school and we're never gonna see each other again, so you just take a huge, scary risk you'd normally never do?
Barry: Is this going somewhere?
Kim: Guess it's now or never.
Barry: Either way is fine since I have no idea what's going on.
Kim: Just wanted to let you know that, over the last four years, I've had a crush on you, or whatever.
Barry: Oh. Wow. Well, thank you, lady person.

Quote from Barry

Kim: Oh, no. You have no idea who I am.
Barry: Of course I do!
Kim: I'm Kim.
Barry: Kim.
Kim: I sat behind you in bio class-
Barry: You sat behind me in classics-
Kim: And I gave you my pen after yours leaked
Barry: and I took a leak on your shirt-
Kim: all over your shirt, and then you punched-
Barry: and munched that-
Kim: really expensive microscope.
Barry: the pensive microphone.
Kim: [gasps] Well, this has been brutal, so, bye!

Quote from Barry

Kim: Well, it was fun watching your amazing life unfold over these last four years.
Barry: Amazing? Me?
Kim: For sure. See you in bio class.
Barry: Definitely. Catch you later, Kimothy.
Kim: Uh, you think "Kim" is short for "Kimothy"?
Barry: I'm certain of it.
Kim: [chuckles] You're so weird.

Quote from Geoff

Beverly: Pumpkin, take a good look at that TV and tell me what you see.
Erica: A girl who cries herself to sleep at night thinking of Joey McIntyre?
Beverly: I see limitless potential. Confidence. A winner with the whole world at her fingertips.
Geoff: It's true, babe. That was the day I first fell for you. And the day I realized I'm allergic to most types of cotton.

Quote from Barry

Kim: Speaking of, I heard Katman say you aced yours.
Barry: It's why I want to be a doctor. Or a rap star. Either way, "doctor" will be in my name.

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