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Quote from Sue in The Confirmation

Sue: Okay, wait, I knew that Lexie liked Axl, but I didn't know...
Lexie: I'm so sorry. I was going to tell you, but Axl wanted to keep it a secret for just a little bit.
Sue: So... my best friend and my brother... are dating. [crying] I'm not upset. I promise. I'm not upset. I'm happy. But I also want to throw up a little bit. But, you know, a happy throw-up. Like, a good throw-up.


Quote from Frankie in Adult Swim

Axl: Hey, look at this... even got room for this guy.
Frankie: Nice. Well, get ready to be exhausted and miserable, 'cause you are so getting a job now.
Axl: Yeah! [chuckles] Um... yeah. Here's the thing, Mom. Uh... [inhales sharply] [groans] This whole time, I was... kind of blaming the suit, but I think the problem might have been me.
Frankie: What?
Axl: Yeah. I don't know. I think I just got kind of overwhelmed in there and kind of froze. I mean, it's a lot. Graduation's coming up, all my friends are getting jobs, and I'm just starting to think it might not happen for me. And why should it? I know nothing. Four years, I've been studying business. I literally have no idea what it is.
Frankie: Axl, let me tell you something... Now, I know this is gonna go against everything you know about me, but... I am not a terrible dental assistant. I actually know what I'm doing now. But in the beginning, I was so overwhelmed. I would try to pass the instruments, and all I would hear Dr. Goodwin say is, [as Goodwin] "No, not that one... that one!" [normal voice] And all I hear the patients say is, "Ow! That's my tongue!"
Axl: Okay, but, like, so, I find someone who's willing to hire me, then I show up on my first day, and... how will I know what I'm supposed to do?!
Frankie: Oh, you won't. But eventually, you'll figure it out. And then you'll have kids, and you'll be out-of-your-mind scared all over again. You know, it's funny, 'cause when you're young, you're never scared, but when you become an adult, you're scared all the time. I think that's how you know you're an adult... even more than carrying a wallet. [Axl puts his arms out for Frankie to hug him] Oh! [chuckles] [squeals]
Axl: Mom. Mom! Not on the suit.

Quote from Sue in Sleepless in Orson

Sue: Hey. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait up. Hey, uh, where's your brother?
Diaper Glossner: None of your damn business!
Sue: Well, don't tell him I was looking for him, 'cause I'm not. I was only asking so I could avoid him. I don't know if he's talked about me. Has he?
Diaper Glossner: Look, lady, I got to go. I've been out here all day, and my diaper's full.
Sue: Well, don't tell him I'm out in my front yard!

Quote from Frankie in The Carpool

Frankie: [v.o.] Yeah, carpool got off to a bit of a rocky start, but soon we fell into a rhythm. Nancy was the delicious carpool.
Nancy: I hope everyone likes fresh-baked chocolate-chip muffins... and Madagascar 3!
Frankie: [v.o.] Bill was the fun carpool.
Big Mike: Stoplight! You know what that means time for Stoplight car-dance! [all dance as Fat Man AKA The Human Race by Harvey Summers plays on the radio]
Frankie: [v.o.] And I was, well...
Dotty: We're late. I've never, ever been late in my life!
Frankie: You don't know that, Dotty. We're not there yet.
Brick: Mom, you forgot my lunch.
Frankie: Oh, crap! Okay, not a problem. We'll build a lunch. Everybody, get ready. I'm hitting the brakes. So, how'd we do?
Dotty: I found a French fry.
Brick: Ooh. Cough drop.
Ella: Your car is filthy.
Frankie: Yes, well, if I had cleaned it, Brick wouldn't have a lunch, now, would he, Ella?
Brick: I found an orange and half a granola bar. Sweet.
Dotty: We're gonna be late! It's 7:56!
Frankie: Relax, Dotty. We're gonna be fine. Everybody hang on to Dotty's seat belt. It's the only good one.