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Quote from Sue in Film, Friends and Fruit Pies

Sue: Listen, Lexie, I have something to tell you.
Lexie: Me first. Taylor Swift added another concert, and I called and managed to get two V.I.P. tickets. Are you in?
Sue: Oh, I'm in. I'm in deep.


Quote from Mike in Hecks vs. Glossners: The Final Battle

Axl: By the way, you were wrong.
Mike: Yeah? Look around. I know.
Axl: When I was putting on my work shirt this morning, two things dawned on me. One, this shade of blue really makes my eyes pop, and, two, this shirt does not require a tie.
Mike: I don't know why I would want to extend this conversation, but... how's that make me wrong?
Axl: 'Cause you're always up in my grille. "You gotta learn how to tie a tie, Axl. You gonna need it for your job." Well, I've got a job, and the only person in my entire company who wears a tie is the talking toilet logo.
Mike: Look, every man should know how to do seven things, and tying a tie is one of 'em.
Axl: Huh. I don't know why I'd want to extend this conversation, so I won't.
Mike: The other six are... whistle with your fingers, read a map, grill with charcoal, shine your shoes, open a bottle without an opener, and breaking down a door.
Axl: Wow. That's all pretty relevant stuff. Got any more gems like that, just shoot me a fax.
Mike: Why is that funny?
Axl: 'Cause it's old. [chuckles]