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Quote from The Core Group

Frankie: Brick, what are you doing?
Brick: Oh, texting Cindy. Since everyone else has their significant others here, I should, too.
Frankie: Brick, we've already started. By the time Cindy gets here, dinner's gonna be over. [Cindy walks in] How did you get here so fast?
Cindy: My mom took to her bed, so I have to fend for myself for dinner. I was eating apples from your neighbor's tree. Who's the blonde?
Brick: That's April.
April: Hi, I'm April!
Cindy: Oh. No shrimp? I'm irritated, but I'll hide it.
[After Mike brings over another chair and everyone shuffles around, the family and guests sit back down to dinner]
Frankie: So, Cindy, what's new in your world?
Cindy: My bio teacher has six fingers on one hand. At first, I thought he was holding a pencil, but he wasn't. When he's holding a pencil, it looks like he has seven fingers. Sorry, I'm just having a really hard time hiding my irritation about the shrimp.


Quote from Halloween V

Mike: Happy Halloween. Oh, hey. Look at you. You're a... Safari girl.
Cindy: I'm not dressed up. I just like it.
Mike: You must be Brick's friend.
Frankie: Hi, Cindy. Come on in.
Brick: Hi, Cindy. Whoop!
Cindy: I came at 7:00. Actually, I came at 6:53, but I stood in the bushes till 7:00.

Quote from Birds of a Feather

Mike: Oh, hey, Cindy. Brick's not here.
Cindy: I know. I was hoping to speak to you alone. [walks in and sits down on the couch] Please, sit down. [Mike sighs] I kissed another boy and I need you to tell Brick. The way you handle this will be key in determining the future of Brick's and my relationship. [stands up and walks to the door] Keep me in the loop.

Quote from Birds of a Feather

[When Mike stops his car at a junction, Cindy pulls up alongside him on her bicycle]
Cindy: Did you talk to Brick yet?
Mike: No.
Cindy: Get. It. Done. [kicks Mike's car]

Quote from Crushed

Frankie: Hey, LuEllen. Nice to see you again. [chuckles] Looks like a beautiful day to travel. [LuEllen blanks Frankie]
Mike: Have a nice trip, Merv. Sorry we couldn't help you out.
Merv: Help us out?
Frankie: [sighs] Well, I guess we ought to separate Bogie and Bacall over there.
Mike: Okay, Brick. Wrap it up.
Cindy: Goodbye, Brick.
Brick: Goodbye, Cindy. [engine starts] I'll call you when I get there. [car door closes]
Frankie: [v.o.] Turns out, when Cindy's parents said they were moving away, they actually meant two houses away.
Mike: She never mentioned this to you?
Brick: We don't talk that much. [cellphone rings] Oh, I should take this. [answers phone] Hello? Hey, Cindy. She got there safe. [waves to Cindy]

Quote from Find My Hecks

Cindy: Good luck, Brick.
Brick: Good luck to you. Oh, and, Cindy, we need to talk.
Cindy: Why?
Ms. Conrad: Okay. And begin.
[As the students begin to take their tests, Cindy rips off her hat's ear flaps and brushes her hair aside. As Brick stares at Cindy's ear, his pencil tip snaps]

Quote from Pitch Imperfect

Cindy: I don't like this either. I'm just doing it for you, because you won't give up books.
Brick: [scoffs] What if I asked you to give up shrimp?
Cindy: Now you've made it ugly.
Brick: I'm just saying... If you love someone, you shouldn't make them do something they don't want to do. Books are my life. You can't expect me to give up something that's such a part of me.
Cindy: Fine. The truth is the audio book wasn't working for me either. I'm not really into books. I'm more into fashion.

Quote from Thank You for Not Kissing

Frankie: [v.o.] Having gotten the sex talk with Brick out of the way, Mike went back to doing what was really important... trying to get another 1,000 miles out of his car.
Cindy: Did you tell Brick to stop kissing me?
Mike: W-Well... yeah. No. Not in so many words.
Cindy: How many words did you use?
Mike: Look, the school has a policy...
Cindy: So you're trying to pin this on the school? Since your little Interference, Brick's grown distant. He won't make out before school, he won't make out in science class when we dissect the frog. We always make out over the frog.
Mike: Okay, see, that right there...

Quote from Thank You for Not Kissing

Cindy: I know what you're doing here. Just because the love has died in your marriage doesn't mean you have to kill ours.
Mike: What?
Cindy: I've heard the stories... floating anniversaries, no flowers, sleeping in separate bedrooms.
Mike: Hang on.
Cindy: That's right. I know you've been sleeping in Sue's room.
Mike: That was just for a couple a nights when Frankie's mom... Hey, I don't have to explain myself to you.
Cindy: Fine. You're happily married. When's the last time you kissed your wife? [Mike is speechless] That's what I thought. Now, can I put you down for a popcorn tin for the Woman's Leadership Club?
Mike: Sure.

Quote from Thanksgiving VI

Brick: Hi, Cindy. I like your dress.
Cindy: It has turkeys on it. [car drives off]
Mike: What kind of parents just dump their 12-year-old on Thanksgiving and take off?
Frankie: You're just mad you didn't think of it first.

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