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Quote from Halloween III: The Driving

Aunt Edie: Voting is a big responsibility. That's why I'm voting for Truman.
Sue: I'm driving!
Aunt Edie: Oh, good, then I'm not. [drinks from flask]


Quote from The Map

Frankie: Hey, Aunt Edie. Just so you know, we have a couple of interviews lined up for you this week, okay?
Aunt Edie: Oh, I just hope I get the job.
Frankie: Forget it.

Quote from The Final Four

Reverend Hayver: Welcome, friends. We're here today to remember Mac Freehold... friend, uncle, cousin and, of course, beloved brother. Mac was especially close to his baby sister Edie, who has some thoughts she'd like to share with us now.
Aunt Edie: Thank you, pastor. I just wanna thank you all for coming. It means so much to have you here... At my birthday party. [crowd murmurs] You know, I have friends who just dread their birthday. But I just say, consider the alternative.
Frankie: [v.o.] I couldn't believe it. I had dragged Mike away from the event of a lifetime, so he could be here. Even though Aunt Edie apparently wasn't.
Frankie: Hey, Aunt Edie, I think you're a little confused. We're not here for that. We're actually here for... [sings] Happy birthday to you
All: [sing] Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Edie Happy birthday to you [Edie blows out the remembrance candle]

Quote from The Math Class

Sue: Oh, my God, Aunt Edie. I can't believe you just sprayed that guy right in the face.
Aunt Edie: That was nothing! I've been teargassed in the face!
Axl: What?! Why?
Aunt Edie: Oh, we were at a jazz club, and some of the White kids wanted to dance with the Black kids.
Sue: Oh, my god. This is just like Hairspray!
Axl: Then the cops showed up, and it turned into a riot.
Axl: Whoa! A riot?
Aunt Edie: Yeah.
Axl: Sweet! Did anyone use nunchuks?
Aunt Edie: You know, I don't think so. But that riot was something else, and it reminded me...
Frankie: [v.o.] So Aunt Edie told them all about the riot, the moon landing, and the time she saw Elvis buying AA batteries at Wheeler's Market. Maybe Axl and Sue didn't find the time capsule they were looking for, but they ended up finding a better one.

Quote from The Clover

Frankie: Okay, Aunt Edie. I finally got her to go. She went number three, so... I'm just gonna change her diaper, bleach my hands, and then hit the road. [gasps] What the-- Aunt Edie! [puts out kitchen fire] Aunt Edie... [carries the frying pan over to Aunt Edie]
Aunt Edie: Oh, no, thank you, dear. I couldn't eat a thing.
Frankie: Aunt Edie, I don't know if you're okay here by yourself anymore. I'm worried about you.
Aunt Edie: I'm worried about you. You'll never get a man if you can't cook.
Frankie: You know, if you ever get confused, you can always call. Remember we bought you this new phone? There's pictures of me and Janet and mom on it. So if you ever need help, or you just want to talk to me, all you have to do is push my face.
Aunt Edie: [pushes Frankie's face, literally] Hello?

Quote from Halloween III: The Driving

Aunt Edie: [comes out of the polling booth] Where's the girl with the bathing suits I wanted to try on?

Quote from Thanksgiving II

Aunt Edie: I loved Dick Peterson. But he was a Black man, so it was forbidden. It was a different time. Just a different time.

Quote from Siblings

Frankie: [v.o.] The next morning, Mike met Aunt Edie at the quarry.
Mike: It's really brutal this year, Edie. Most of the guys will get almost no bonus at all.
Frankie: [v.o.] Ever since she retired as a bookkeeper 14 years ago, Aunt Edie came to Mike's office every December to help close out the books.
Mike: Hoping we can massage the numbers to avoid triggering layoffs, but it's gonna be tight. What are you doing with that?
Aunt Edie: I gotta plug in Ginny.
Mike: You brought Ginny to the quarry?
[Aunt Ginny sits in her wheelchair outside the trailer with a blanket on her lap and cigarette in her hand]
Aunt Edie: Well, the wheelchair won't fit into the trailer, and I'm afraid to leave her home alone because I think Ginny is starting to lose it.
Mike: Oh, no kidding. Sorry to hear that.
Aunt Edie: And then there's something else. I think Ginny is starting to lose it.

Quote from Halloween

Frankie: [v.o.] So Halloween finally arrived. Sue was off to the hayride, Axl was off to his body parts, and the aunts were prepped and ready.
Mike: Okay. One piece of candy per kid. Watch out for grabbers and repeaters. And I shouldn't have to say this, but if you run out of candy, you can't go giving out cigarettes and pills.
Aunt Edie: We've been giving out candy for years. We'll be fine. [eats a candy with the wrapper still on]

Quote from Halloween

Frankie: [v.o.] Halloween night was in full swing, and it was nice to know that Aunt Edie and Aunt Ginny were holding down the fort.
Aunt Edie: [doorbell rings] [picks up the phone] Hello?

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