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Quote from Exes and Ohhhs

Lexie: I'm sorry. I feel like I'm interrupting something.
Cassidy: No, we were just catching up.
Axl: Well, this could not get any weirder.
Ashley: Hi, Axl. A white wolf came to me in a dream and told me if I sacrificed my hair, you'd come back to me. [hands Axl a plastic baggy of human hair] You should probably make that into tea and drink it.
Axl: Oh.


Quote from Bunny Therapy

Axl: [over PA] Attention all students will Axl Heck's girlfriend please report to the main office. ASAP... or sooner.
Ashley: I got your message, Axl. A crow outside my window said you would contact me today. Are we going to homecoming?
Axl: No!
Ashley: Okay. See you at prom.

Quote from The Sit Down

Ashley: Hi, Axl. Do you want to use my bathroom, since I used yours?
Axl: No, thanks.
Ashley: How are your sports doing?
Axl: They're fine.
Ashley: Isn't this the season where you play with the round ball?
Axl: It's called basketball.
Ashley: Right, 'cause sometimes I see you playing with an oblong ball. Other times, you're playing with a small ball and a stick.
Axl: [clicks tongue] Yep.
Ashley: You were playing with a small ball when we went to prom last year.

Quote from Wheel of Pain

Ashley: Hi, Axl. Prom's in two months.
Axl: Yeah. [chuckles] Um, you know I'm dating Cassidy, right? So... probably taking her.
Ashley: Oh. Cassidy seems really nice. Can you get me a strand of her hair?

Quote from Steaming Pile of Guilt

Devin: There's nothing to talk about.
Axl: [sighs] Okay, first you wouldn't date me 'cause you were busy with soccer, and now you're breaking up with me 'cause we had one fight? You don't want to be with me? Fine. Don't be with me. 'Cause there's a million girls on this campus who would be more than happy to take your place.
[As Axl leaves Devin's apartment, he gasps when he sees Ashley in the hallway]
Ashley: I can't believe it worked so fast. I just collected her nail clippings yesterday.

Quote from The Prom

Frankie: Ashley, your dress is so interesting.
Ashley: It's more of a wizard's robe. I'm really into wizards.
Mike: Oh, right. Like Harry Potter.
Ashley: Who?
Frankie: And the cape is a nice touch.
Axl: Yeah. [clears throat] So we should probably get going, so we're not late.
Ashley: But we won't go in till the big hand is on an odd number, right? You know what they say.

Quote from Year of the Hecks

Ashley: I guess this is more of a time commitment than I expected. I watch Phineas and Ferb.
Sue: Every day?
Ashley: I never miss it.
Becky: I like Phineas and Ferb.
Sue: See that? You both like Phineas and Ferb. This is a team. We are gellin'.
Ashley: Wanna come over and watch?
Becky: Sure.
Ashley: Yeah, guess we're not gonna be on the team, either.

Quote from Year of the Hecks

Sue: I'm sorry to bother you at home, but this is a spirit emergency. The first wrestling meet of the season is about to start, and the Orson High Wrestlerettes need to bring it, but I can't bring it alone. I need my girls to bring it with me. What do you say?
Ashley: Phineas and Ferb is on.
Frankie: Okay, well, what if, just on the days we have meets, you record Phineas and Ferb and watch it when you get home?
Ashley: I really thought Axl would be around.
Sue: Oh. Well... We can hold practices at my house, and I know Axl's schedule really well, so we'll definitely be bumping into him a lot.
Ashley: I'll grab my cape.
Sue: Yeah!

Quote from The Sit Down

Ashley: I don't remember seeing your coat, but you can go check in my room, but don't open the black box.
Sue: Okay. Thanks, Ashley.

Quote from Hallelujah Hoedown

Frankie: [v.o.] There are all kinds of tests in life.
Ashley: Hi, Axl. Now that we're going out again, what do you wanna do tonight? We can sit outside and listen to the flutter of the bat wings or, you know, bowling.

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