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Quote from A Heck of a Ride: Part Two

Sean: Sue, people travel the whole world to find their soul mate, but mine has been right across the street all along. I don't know when I started feeling this way, maybe it was when my mom forced me to hold your hand at the zoo so you wouldn't get lost, I don't know. But what I know is that when we kissed, it was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. Everything about you makes me happy... the way you think, the way you smile. You get excited about everything... the muffin you just ate, the smell of chalk. You are walking sunshine, and I feel like a complete idiot for wasting a single minute by not telling you that. So, now you know how I feel, but you gotta tell me... what does this mean for you? Did you give this to me 'cause I'm your brother's friend? Or 'cause I'm your neighbor? I need you to be super clear with me here, Sue, because obviously we're not very good about being clear.
Sue: Is this clear enough? [kisses Sean]
Sean: I love you, Sue Heck.
Sue: I love you so much back. [they kiss again]


Quote from The Walk

Sean: Hey! Sue! Excited for next Saturday? I was just getting ready to pick up your corsage. Hope you like gardenias.
Sue: Actually, Sean, about that... I really appreciate you asking me. Like, you have no idea how much that means to me. And I think it would be really fun to go together, but somehow, I ended up with four other dates to prom. So, unfortunately, I won't be able to go with you.
Sean: Oh. Wow.
Sue: But it's not like I had four other dates when you asked me. I had one. But of all the people that I'm not going with, you are really my favorite.
Sean: Okay! Yeah, no problem. That's cool. I'll -- I'll just I guess I'll just head on back up to school. It's a six-hour drive, so I won't get back in time for the fraternity photo. But, hey, there's always next year.
Sue: Thank you so much for understanding, Sean. I am so, so sorry.
Sean: Hey! No problem.

Quote from While You Were Sleeping

Sean: Surprise, Susie Q, I've got good news. Someone I know is going to her prom.
Sue: What?
Sean: My mom was talking to your mom, and she said you didn't have a date, so I rescheduled a test and bailed on the intramural flag football championship and drove straight down here from Notre Dame 'cause I was not about to let Sue Heck not go to her senior prom.
Sue: Oh, um, Sean, that is so nice. So nice. But someone I work with actually asked me to prom, and I said yes!
Sean: Oh! Okay. That's fine. I'll just drive back. I might stop by and have a little chat with my mom about communication first, but it's all good. The important thing is, you're going to prom with someone else.
Sue: I am so, so sorry. I really...
Sean: No, that's okay. I'm a Donahue. I will smile through this 'cause we smile through everything.
Sue: Okay, well, um, I'm so sorry, again. I'm so sorry. That was so nice. Sorry. [closes door]
Sean: [o.s.] Mom!

Quote from Exes and Ohhhs

Sean: I seem to recall somebody wanting to go to the Chancellor's Ball.
Sue: Wait, who told you? How did you know about that?
Sean: You did. Back when I was over here helping you with your desk, you were saying you weren't sure if you were gonna go 'cause you didn't have a date. And I was walking on my campus yesterday and it was really warm and pretty out and I remembered this word you made up when we were young to describe days like that where it suddenly is warm again.
Sue: Springalicious?
Sean: Springalicious. [chuckles] And it made me think of you and I was like, "Why am I thinking of Sue right now?" And then I remembered this was your weekend. So, Suzy Q, on this beautiful springalicious occasion, may I have the honor of escorting you to the Chancellor's Ball?
Sue: Oh, Sean. Don't you have a cellphone? You could call ahead first? I actually have a date.
Sean: Oh. [chuckles] Yeah, I didn't -- I didn't call because I thought the surprise would be nice. That was dumb. I just figured third time was the charm, you know. You're gonna owe me for tux rentals if I keep this up. But, hey, the important thing is that you're happy. I just wanted to make sure you had the chance to go.
Sue: Wait! Wait, wait, wait. Do you have to go already? Why don't you stay a while. We could get a pizza or hang out or something. I promise I won't make you put together any more furniture.
Sean: I- No, no. I- It's okay. I should get back to Orson, spend some time with my folks before going up to school, and, uh, yeah. Have fun at the ball, Suzy Q. You deserve it.

Quote from The Confirmation

Sean: Hey, Axl, I was just... [sighs] Okay, uh, I know this is crazy, but I was on my way to Nashville to visit a med school, and I realized the last time I was here, I kind of choked and I didn't really say what I wanted to say and I thought, "You know what, life's too short. If you have feelings for someone, you should tell them." So... [sighs] here I am.
Axl: No, no, no, no, no. I think the last time we were in my Winnebago, you were saying you weren't looking for a relationship, so I think you should just stick with that.
Sean: Um, maybe. Is she here?
Axl: She is, but, uh, she's kind of seeing someone. [chuckles]
Sean: Really?
Axl: Yeah.
Sean: Huh. [scoffs] I'm such an idiot. I-I should have said something the last time I was here... But, no... Whoo! I'm a Donahue! Always got to do the right thing. Never want to ruffle any feathers.
Axl: [chuckles] Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Sean: No, man. I'm glad you told me. And the... the thing is with med school, I am gonna be...
Axl: Good luck with that!
[After Axl closes the apartment door, Sean holds up a bag which reads "To Suzy Q - A very special snowflake." He drops the snow globe and the bag into the trash as he walks away.]

Quote from Valentine's Day III

Axl: Dudes, it's, like, a totally lame assignment. I mean, we're only juniors. What big, life-changing event could we have even had?
Sean: I know. It sucks. I'm probably just gonna write about the time I got trapped under the ice at Patoka Lake. That counts, right?
Axl: What?

Quote from A Heck of a Ride: Part Two

Sean: I was at the airport to go to Ghana, and I found this in my bag.
Sue: Oh. Uh, yeah, I put it in there as a goodbye gift. This is a long way to come to thank me, Sean.
Sean: No, no, no, no. You don't understand. I bought this for you last year. How did you end up with it?
Sue: I found it in the trash at my apartment.
Sean: That's where I threw it out after Axl told me you were dating someone.
Sue: Axl! Did you tell Sean I was dating someone?!
Axl: I thought you were there for Lexie!
Sean: I told you I liked Sue on New Year's Eve!
Axl: I thought you were drunk!

Quote from The Wedding

Darrin: My boss sucked, too. "Stop eating all the bologna samples. Don't make boobs with the produce."
Sean: Yeah, mine was all, "Thanks for your great work. We need a photo for your 'employee of the month' plaque."

Quote from Please Don't Feed The Hecks

Sue: Damn it, Sean! I was trying to fix this myself and I had a plan and I rehearsed it with Brad and I was going to assert my power. And then you just show up on your white horse, and you rescue me.
Sean: Sorry. I didn't...
Sue: And the really disturbing part of it is I liked it! And so I am annoyed with myself because I feel like I shouldn't because that's bad. But you know what? If they don't want you to be happy to be rescued, they shouldn't make rescuing so nice! Being a woman is hard!
Sean: Sue. Remember that time when I was about 12, you were 10, and I got stuck in that drainage ditch that I wasn't supposed to be playing in? And you threw down your jump rope to help me climb out?
Sue: Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Sean: And you didn't tell my mom. Or anyone.
Sue: Mnh-mnh.
Sean: So see, Sue? Rescuing isn't a man or a woman thing.
Sue: [gasps] Oh.
Sean: We rescue each other.

Quote from New Year's Revelations

Axl: Hey, Sean, taking off?
Sean: You need to know something. I like Sue. I've liked her for a long time, and I know you don't like your friends dating your sister, but I'm through being a nice guy. I don't know if she likes me or if she doesn't like me, but I'm not giving up. May not happen tonight, but it's going to happen.
Axl: Weird, weird night.

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