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Quote from Across the Barricade

Clare: Seriously, folks, I'm not feeling entirely comfortable with this!
Father Peter: One... [Philip chuckles] two... [Clare screams] three.
Clare: [screams] Stop! Stop it! Get me out of here! He's trying to kill me! He wants to kill us all! All of the Catholics! Look at his eyes, he's a madman! A Fenian-hating madman. Don't let the Jaffa bastard hurt me! Please!
Erin: Jesus, Clare!
Michelle: Fuck-a-doodle do!


Quote from Episode One

Clare: Girls, I really don't feel great. I feel sort of shaky. I think my blood sugar is dangerously low.
Erin: Seriously, will you just have a Mars bar?
Clare: What about Kamal?
Michelle: Fuck Kamal.
Clare: Look, whatever happens in there, we have to stick together, OK? We have to back each other up.
Sister Michael: Ladies.
[inside Sister Michael's office:]
Clare: So it had nothing to do with me! Yes, OK, I was there, I admit that, but I didn't do anything. It was Michelle. It was all Michelle. I'm not going down for something I didn't do. If anyone deserves to get punished, it should be Michelle.
Sister Michael: Well, I think it's safe to say we all just lost a bit of respect for you there, Clare.

Quote from The Night Before

Erin: "Try to enjoy what time we have left." It doesn't even make any sense.
Clare: It means we've failed, Erin. It means no GCSEs, ergo no A-levels, ergo no university, ergo the end!
Michelle: "Ergo" wise up, Clare.
Erin: You're over-reacting.
Clare: I knew I should have cut ties with you lot a long time ago.
Erin: It's not our fault!
Clare: Of course it's your fault! You've dragged me down to your level, your stupidity has finally rubbed off on me. I was a scholar when I met you, Erin, a scholar!
Erin: You were three!

Quote from Halloween

Erin: Why don't you just tell her?
Clare: Because it's pathetic, Erin.
Laurie: Hi, there.
Clare: Hi, I'm a lesbian!
Laurie: Congratulations.
Clare: Thank you.
Laurie: How many of you are there?
Clare: Just me. Just the one lesbian. The rest of them are straight.

Quote from Episode One

Clare: What's all this? I thought we were going to be individuals this year.
Erin: Look, I wanted to, Clare, but my ma wouldn't let me.
Clare: Well, I'm not being an individual on me own.

Quote from Episode Four

Clare: I'm very sorry for all your trouble. You know, the whole hoo-ha at the power plant.
Katya: OK.
Clare: When you think about it, we've actually got a lot in common, cos we understand what it's like to be a young person from a troubled place.
Katya: Hm, it is not the same. Chernobyl was terrible nuclear accident. You people like to fight each other and, to be honest, what person really understands why?
Erin: Well, there's actually a political element to it, Katya, and there's a religious element.
Katya: But you're not two different religions here, you're different flavours of same religion, no?
Erin: Well, yes... but... It's a little bit more complicated than that, Katya.
Katya: To me, is stupid.
Clare: Oh, my God... It is stupid. It is so, so stupid.

Quote from Across the Barricade

Clare: Last night, you said you hated Catholics. Admit it.
Philip: I said I hated athletes. I'm not much of a sports fan.
Clare: But we weren't even talking about athletes!
Philip: Well, I thought we were!
Clare: Why would you have thought we were talking about athletes?
Philip: Because I'm deaf in one ear!
Michelle: Catholics does sound a bit like athletes, to be fair to him, like.

Quote from The Curse

Michelle: You're such a wreck-a-buzz, Clare.
Clare: Look, Michelle, drugs are illegal, drugs are addictive, but perhaps most importantly, in this country you can lose your kneecaps if you're caught doing them. And I like my kneecaps, Michelle. They suit my knees.
Orla: You do have cracking kneecaps, Clare.
James: Is that true?
Erin: Sort of.

Quote from The Concert

Clare: A history project! This web of lies we're spinning is getting out of control now, girls.
Michelle: It's grand, Clare. I think she bought it.
Clare: Of course she didn't buy it. She's onto us. I'm telling you. My God, I'm sweltered here.
Erin: Then take it off.
Clare: I can't take it off. I've nothing underneath it.
Erin: What, not even a bra?
Michelle: Jesus, Clare! You've no bra on?
Clare: Of course I've got a bra on.
Orla: I haven't got a bra on.
James: Can everyone please stop saying "bra."
Clare: But I can hardly parade about in just my bra. I'm not Madonna.
Michelle: Isn't that the truth.

Quote from The Curse

Clare: I cannot believe you're even discussing it.
Michelle: Let's live a little, for fuck's sake!
Clare: I want no part of this. And if you guys do decide to go through with it, then, I'm sorry, but any friendship we have is over.
[music: Rock The Boat by The Hues Corporation plays]
Clare: Rock The Boat! It's Rock The Boat!
Michelle: Happy fucking days!
Clare: Quick!
Erin: Yes!
Michelle: Bagsy the front! Bagsy the front!

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