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Quote from Episode Four

Clare: She's also opened my eyes about how we need to break down barriers here, to no longer define ourselves as Irish or British, Catholic or Protestant, but simply as human, with human hearts and human heads and human hands and... other human qualities because, at the end of the day, we're all humans.


Quote from Episode Six

Erin: Michelle's running round saying it's her, that she wrote the story, that she's the wee lesbian. As if, like. There'd be more chance of it being you.
Clare: It is me.
Erin: No, I mean I'd be less surprised if it was you.
Clare: It is.
Erin: No, it's not, but if it was...
Clare: Erin! It's me. I'm the wee... lesbian.
Erin: Aye, so you are, Clare!
Clare: I'm not joking.
Erin: You're... You're a lesbian?
Clare: I've never been brave enough to say it out loud before, but I think that's why I wrote the story, and then it all got too real, I got too scared, but now, well, you've made me realise it's all OK.
Erin: Don't blame me.
Clare: What?

Quote from Episode Four

Clare: Hi, girls.
Michelle: Have you got a Union Jack splashed across your tits, Clare?
Clare: I'm making a point.
Michelle: Is the point, "I'd like to get beaten up"?
Clare: Me wearing this, it should be meaningless. These are just colours and shapes. This flag is not my identity. We need to take the power out of these symbols.
Michelle: Genuine question. Why can't you just be fucking normal?

Quote from The Concert

Jonjo: How'ya, girls.
Michelle: Well, hello, there.
Erin: Hi.
Clare: Good afternoon, Sir.
Michelle: "Sir?" What the fuck, Clare?

Quote from The President

Clare: It's the best spot. I got the best spot.
Erin: What happened to your face?
Clare: See that bitch over there?
Erin: That wee girl?
Clare: She tried to muscle in, things got ugly. She'll think twice next time.
Erin: You didn't fight that wain, did you, Clare?
Clare: I did fight that wain, Erin, and I'll fight that wain again if I have to.
Michelle: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Clare: People have been circling this spot like vultures. I've managed to hold them off so far. But it's only gonna get tougher. We must show no weakness. We must be as one.
Michelle: Are you on glue?
Clare: Come on, link up!

Quote from Episode Five

Clare: Listen to it! I mean, just listen to it! I mean... I mean, I don't... I mean, why do they have to be so loud?
Mary: Breathe, love.
Erin: Far worse for me, Clare. I mean, my hearing's impeccable.
Clare: I've read the same paragraph 47 times because I can't concentrate because... Oh, my God, the noise! This whale, he's a bad brute, Mrs. Quinn. I have to know if they catch him. Can I come away with you, please?
Mary: OK, well, if your mother has no objections, I don't see why not.
Clare: Thank you. Thank you. I'll never forget this. Thank you!
Erin: She's taking you to a caravan in Portnoo. She's not giving you her kidney, Clare.

Quote from Across the Barricade

Clare: Of course she's friends with a half-Protestant! Of course she is!
Michelle: She has been fucking unbearable since them braces came off.
Erin: Dose.
Clare: Well, I'm going to make friends with a full Protestant, see how she likes it. Zara won't seem quite so impressive next to my thoroughbred, will she, Jenny?!
Erin: Relax, Clare.

Quote from Ms De Brún and the Child of Prague

Ms. De Brún: Have you ever stopped to look at these? These faces from the past. They're not so different from you, really. They had dreams like you do. They had... Ambitions. But now, they're gone. Dead. Dust.
Clare: That's my auntie Anne third from the left. She's not dead.
Erin: Ssh!
Clare: But she's only 54. She runs the mobile library in Ballymagroarty.
Erin: Quiet.
Ms. De Brún: But did they fulfil those dreams, those ambitions? One day, girls, you too will just be an old photograph in a hallway. You only get one life. Don't be afraid to live it. Find your voice. Make your mark.

Quote from The Concert

Michelle: Look, this is too important. I'm going to that concert. I'm not afraid of a fucking polar bear!
Erin: Me either!
James: Nor me.
Michelle: Bastard!
Orla: I'll kill it with my own two hands if I have to.
Erin: Bring it on!
Clare: OK, we seem to have gone down a weird road here, people. I think we've just got a bit confused. We don't actually have to fight a polar bear. And, if we did, I wouldn't really fancy our chances because, well, they're massive.
Orla: But there's five of us so...

Quote from Episode Three

[Erin, James, Orla and Michelle kneel down next to Clare in front of the statue]
Michelle: I'm not gonna bother with any "never sin again" material, cos let's face it, we've been there before. You know it's balls, I know it's balls.
Clare: [gasps] Oh, my God!
Erin: What is it?
Clare: She... She... I saw with my own eyes!
Erin: Saw what?
Clare: She smirked!
Michelle: Who? Big M?
Clare: Aye. She just smirked at me.

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