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Quote from Clare in The Night Before

Erin: "Try to enjoy what time we have left." It doesn't even make any sense.
Clare: It means we've failed, Erin. It means no GCSEs, ergo no A-levels, ergo no university, ergo the end!
Michelle: "Ergo" wise up, Clare.
Erin: You're over-reacting.
Clare: I knew I should have cut ties with you lot a long time ago.
Erin: It's not our fault!
Clare: Of course it's your fault! You've dragged me down to your level, your stupidity has finally rubbed off on me. I was a scholar when I met you, Erin, a scholar!
Erin: You were three!


 ‘The Night Before’ Quotes

Quote from Uncle Colm

Uncle Colm: So, I says to myself, says I, Colm, who'd be ringing you at this hour? And sure, if I hadn't been in the middle of a Maeve Binchy, I'd have probably slept through the thing altogether.
Chief Inspector Byers: What was it we asked him?
Police Officer: I can't remember, sir.
Chief Inspector Byers: Jesus.
Uncle Colm: ...I'm like a dead one.

Quote from James

James: Do you know the bit about how we don't have to say anything at this time, and anything we do say may be given in evidence? You know, our right to remain silent? You haven't told me about my right to remain silent! What about my right to remain silent?!
Michelle: Shut the fuck up, James!

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Quote from Across the Barricade

Clare: Seriously, folks, I'm not feeling entirely comfortable with this!
Father Peter: One... [Philip chuckles] two... [Clare screams] three.
Clare: [screams] Stop! Stop it! Get me out of here! He's trying to kill me! He wants to kill us all! All of the Catholics! Look at his eyes, he's a madman! A Fenian-hating madman. Don't let the Jaffa bastard hurt me! Please!
Erin: Jesus, Clare!
Michelle: Fuck-a-doodle do!

Quote from Episode One

Clare: Girls, I really don't feel great. I feel sort of shaky. I think my blood sugar is dangerously low.
Erin: Seriously, will you just have a Mars bar?
Clare: What about Kamal?
Michelle: Fuck Kamal.
Clare: Look, whatever happens in there, we have to stick together, OK? We have to back each other up.
Sister Michael: Ladies.
[inside Sister Michael's office:]
Clare: So it had nothing to do with me! Yes, OK, I was there, I admit that, but I didn't do anything. It was Michelle. It was all Michelle. I'm not going down for something I didn't do. If anyone deserves to get punished, it should be Michelle.
Sister Michael: Well, I think it's safe to say we all just lost a bit of respect for you there, Clare.