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Quote from Coach Mellor in Goldberg on The Goldbergs

Beverly: Can't you just get past it? He's your family.
Coach Mellor: You sound like Mama, God rest her soul.
Beverly: You mean..?
Coach Mellor: She died doing what she loved, though, frog squats.
Beverly: Coach, does your brother have any idea what he's done to you?
Coach Mellor: That's what Mama asked me, right before she did that last ill-advised rep that sent her to the final cool-down in the sky. Oh, Mama, why'd you have to crush it so hard?


Quote from Coach Mellor in Goldberg on The Goldbergs

Coach Mellor: All right, that's it! You're outta here! [whistle blows]
Coach Nick: Did you just blow your whistle at me?
Coach Mellor: Yeah, I did! And according to the laws of coaching, that means you got to take a lap!
Coach Nick: No. You take the lap! [whistle blows]
Coach Mellor: How dare you blow your whistle at me in my gymnatorium?! You have no right!
Coach Nick: But I do. This is the Blare-X 2000, the Champagne of whistles, given only to college coaches. So, my whistle wins.
Coach Mellor: Anybody can get a whistle. What really matters is what's in here, and you and I both know I always give 110%.
Coach Nick: And everyone knows I give 111.
Coach Mellor: That's not possible! Everybody knows that 110% is the maximum!

Quote from Coach Mellor in A Wrestler Named Goldberg

Coach Mellor: You got that unhinged look in your eye. I like it. I like it a lot.
Barry: My mother says my eyes are the brownest brown.
Coach Mellor: I've seen browner.

Quote from Beverly in Call Me When You Get There

Murray: Bevy, calm down, okay? Every time our kids leave the house, you assume that they're dead until they prove otherwise. Know that they're smart, responsible kids. Assume that they're alive.
Beverley: That's the stupidest thing you've ever said!

Quote from Beverly in Dinner with the Goldbergs

Alex: Okay, ma'am?
Beverly: Okay, write this down very carefully. I would like the sirloin, medium-plus, with garlic butter sauce on the side. I would like the vegetable medley, but instead of asparagus, I would like six pieces of shrimp.
Alex: We don't substitute shrimp for vegetables.
Beverly: Oh. That changes everything.