Clare Quote #16

Quote from Clare in Episode Six

Erin: Michelle's running round saying it's her, that she wrote the story, that she's the wee lesbian. As if, like. There'd be more chance of it being you.
Clare: It is me.
Erin: No, I mean I'd be less surprised if it was you.
Clare: It is.
Erin: No, it's not, but if it was...
Clare: Erin! It's me. I'm the wee... lesbian.
Erin: Aye, so you are, Clare!
Clare: I'm not joking.
Erin: You're... You're a lesbian?
Clare: I've never been brave enough to say it out loud before, but I think that's why I wrote the story, and then it all got too real, I got too scared, but now, well, you've made me realise it's all OK.
Erin: Don't blame me.
Clare: What?


 ‘Episode Six’ Quotes

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Erin: She basically told us we can't print the story because it's about a lesbian.
Sarah: Do you not think there's an awful lot of lesbians about nowadays? You can't move for lesbians. It's wall-to-wall lesbians out there.

Quote from Sister Michael

Sister Michael: Lovely, altogether. You know, every year I sit backstage listening to the singers and it really makes me realise just how talented the professionals who originally recorded these tracks were. Now, who's on next?

 Clare Devlin Quotes

Quote from Across the Barricade

Clare: Seriously, folks, I'm not feeling entirely comfortable with this!
Father Peter: One... [Philip chuckles] two... [Clare screams] three.
Clare: [screams] Stop! Stop it! Get me out of here! He's trying to kill me! He wants to kill us all! All of the Catholics! Look at his eyes, he's a madman! A Fenian-hating madman. Don't let the Jaffa bastard hurt me! Please!
Erin: Jesus, Clare!
Michelle: Fuck-a-doodle do!

Quote from Episode One

Clare: Girls, I really don't feel great. I feel sort of shaky. I think my blood sugar is dangerously low.
Erin: Seriously, will you just have a Mars bar?
Clare: What about Kamal?
Michelle: Fuck Kamal.
Clare: Look, whatever happens in there, we have to stick together, OK? We have to back each other up.
Sister Michael: Ladies.
[inside Sister Michael's office:]
Clare: So it had nothing to do with me! Yes, OK, I was there, I admit that, but I didn't do anything. It was Michelle. It was all Michelle. I'm not going down for something I didn't do. If anyone deserves to get punished, it should be Michelle.
Sister Michael: Well, I think it's safe to say we all just lost a bit of respect for you there, Clare.