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Quote from Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month

Benjy: We're pouring two jigsaw puzzles out, 500 pieces each. Now we're mixing them together. Okay, open your eyes. Ready Go.
Rudy: Is he a robot?
Benjy: No, he's a person.
Rudy: Wow. What else can he do?
Benjy: He vacuums a lot, and he solves murders.
Rudy: You could sell tickets to this.
Benjy: I know, I know. I want to, but my mom won't let me. He's her boss.
Sharona: Benjy, what are you doing? He's not a toy.
Benjy: He doesn't care. He likes it. Don't you, Mr. Monk?


Quote from Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger

Benjy: Did you really meet a blind lady?
Sharona: Yeah.
Benjy: Does she have a dog?
Sharona: No, she had a cane.
Benjy: Hey, maybe I can interview her for that report I have to do on people with disabilities.
Sharona: Wait. I thought you were gonna write about...
Benjy: It only has to be two pages. Mr. Monk is a whole book.

Quote from Mr. Monk and the Candidate

Benjy: [opens door] Hello?
Sheldon Burger: Are you Benjy?
Benjy: Yeah. Who are you?
Sheldon Burger: I'm Sheldon Burger, Deputy Mayor. Hey, you like skateboarding?
Benjy: Mom, something happened to Monk!

Quote from Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation

Adrian Monk: Mr. Fenimore. He's talking to a woman. I can't see her face. But it's definitely not his wife. Benjy, can you read lips?
Benjy: I'm in sixth grade. I can barely read words.

Quote from Mr. Monk and the Candidate

Adrian Monk: Are you okay?
Benjy: I'm okay.
Adrian Monk: [echoing] Are you okay?
Benjy: Yeah, I'm okay.
Adrian Monk: Are you okay?
Benjy: I'm okay!
Adrian Monk: Did you hear that?
Benjy: Yeah, it's an echo. You have to get out more.

Quote from Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation

Benjy: Hey, look. I can see our room. And, uh, there's Mr. Monk's room.
Sharona: Which one?
Benjy: The first one. The one he couldn't stay in because it smelled funny.

Quote from Mr. Monk Goes Back to School

Benjy: Mom says you're having a tough time at school.
Adrian Monk: Huh?
Benjy: Something about a bully?
Adrian Monk: It's a misunderstanding.
Benjy: Mom says he wants to kick your ass.
Adrian Monk: No. I mean, yes.
Benjy: Remember Jeffrey Appella? Kept beating me up in the fifth grade? You said if I ran away from him, I'd be running away my whole life.
Adrian Monk: I said that?
Benjy: I hit him in the side one time, and he never bothered me again. You can't be afraid of everything, Mr. Monk.
Adrian Monk: Really?

Quote from Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect

Adrian Monk: [shakes present] It's a jigsaw puzzle.
Benjy: Is he right? [a boy nods] How many pieces?
Adrian Monk: 700?
Benjy: Didn't I tell you?
Sharona: But Benjy, Mr. Monk isn't a toy.
Benjy: Sure he is.

Quote from Mr. Monk and the Candidate

Sheldon Burger: Monk's been one step ahead of us all the way, but the man can't function without you. The city of San Francisco would be eternally grateful. These are really good. Did you make these?
Sharona: They're Oreos, Sheldon.
Sheldon Burger: They are?
Benjy: They say "Oreos" on them.
Sheldon Burger: Oh, yeah.
Sharona: Exactly how eternally grateful would the city be?
Sheldon Burger: You tell us, Sharona. Whatever you want.
Benjy: A skateboard track. Mom, make them build a skateboard track in the park.

Quote from Mr. Monk and the Psychic

Benjy: What is he doing?
Sharona: I don't know. Did you finish all your math?
Benjy: You have a weird job.
Sharona: Benjy, just finish the math.

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