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Quote from Leap to Faith

Vicky: What the here, dude?


Quote from Dance Dance Resolution

Vicky: Yeah, but I don't think you can pull it off. You can't even pull off those bow ties.
Michael: That was very mean, but I'm gonna move past that in the name of unit cohesion.
Vicky: You're gonna reboot those four dum-dums one more time, and then I'm taking over. I'm going to execute my version of this neighborhood. You see, I've been working on it while all of your versions fell apart.
Michael: This is insubordination. And if you do not do what I tell you immediately, you are going down.
Vicky: That's a complete report of every mistake you've made, every screw-up, every reboot all laid out in excruciating detail. Now, I'm sure your boss would love to hear all about how "attempt number 2" is really going. [chuckles] So actually, if you don't do what I say, you're going down. [Australian accent] Down under.

Quote from Whenever You're Ready

Michael: Honestly, our biggest problem is that we need more architects and actors.
Vicky: Well, sorry, but these younger demon actors have no dedication to their craft. They think they can just start acting. They have to learn that acting is reacting, and reacting is pre-acting, but pre-acting, well, that's just being.
Judge: Okay, take it down a notch, Daniel Day-Lewis.

Quote from Everything is Great

Michael: All right, go ahead, Vicky.
Vicky: Yeah, I have some questions about my new character. I feel like I got Real Eleanor... Like, I got her, you know? But this new character, "Denise"... I mean, who is she? I don't get her. Is she a quirky best friend type, or more of a femme fatale, "sexuality is her weapon of choice" type?
Michael: Both... both those things.

Quote from Everything is Great

Vicky: It just feels like I used to be "Real Eleanor", and now I'm "Denise."
Michael: Denise is a good part, with a... a great backstory. You run the best pizza place in the neighborhood. You have a cat, and that's cool.
Vicky: I took this job because it seemed fun and different, and in the original version, I got to break Chidi's heart, like, 20 times, and it was great. I mean, he was miserable. And now, Angelique gets to torture him? Angelique is a hack. I can act circles around her! But I have nothing to do! I am a Ferrari, okay? And you don't keep a Ferrari in the garage.
Michael: I hear your concern. I do. And I promise you, there is a great arc coming for Denise the pizza lady in about 80 years or so. [Vicky sighs] Chidi is going to accidentally kill your cat. It's gonna give you a great chance to shine.
Vicky: Can I just have something that makes me stand out? A mysterious past, or... a limp! I want a limp.
Michael: This is supposed to be the Good Place. Why would... Okay, I... no, I hear you. I'll tell you what. Go nuts, all right? Limp your heart out.

Quote from Mondays, Am I Right?

Megan: You said smaller and more relatable. The bear is smaller, humans hate Mondays and love bacon. What do you want from me?
Vicky: Michael, can I try? I can show them what you're trying to do.
Michael: Fine, Vicky. Go ahead.
Vicky: Now, first, I need to get into Tahani's headspace. [British accent] 'Ello, love. Pish-posh. Tuna and pickles. I once played billiards with Questlove and Olivia Munn. [normal voice] Yeah, there she is. Okay, just give me a second.

Quote from Mondays, Am I Right?

Michael: Sorry for the delay. Now, for this next phase of the training...
Vicky: Stop right there.
Michael: Vicky? I thought I got rid of you, and now you're coming through the door unexpectedly?
Vicky: That's right. I'm launching a coup. My, my, my, we've got some history, don't we? But I am still standing, Mikey boy. And right now I'm taking over.
Michael: Explain what you mean for me and everyone else.
Vicky: Oh, this is my training now. You're done. And all of these demons are behind me, right, guys? [demons agreeing]
Michael: All right, Vicky, you win... this time. Tahani, Janet, let's go.
Vicky: Hmm. No, but wait, wait. We're... we're still fighting. And it's so heated that, um, it might just erupt into...
[quietly] The dance battle from West Side Story.
Michael: No, I'm... I'm too upset about the coup thing. [to Janet and Tahani] Hurry up, hurry up, before she starts singing.

Quote from ...Someone Like Me as a Member

Eleanor: Your parents are still together, I guess.
Real Eleanor: Oh, actually, um, I... I'm not sure. I never met my birth parents. They put me in an empty fish tank and abandoned me at a train station in Bangladesh. Luckily, I was found and adopted by a very nice couple, the Shellstrops...
Trevor: Oh, thank God.
Real Eleanor: But then they died when I was four. Bird flu.
Chidi: That's awful.
Real Eleanor: Anyway, orphanage burned down, yadda yadda yadda, made my way to America, yadda yadda yadda, learned English from watching Seinfeld, put myself through law school, and here I am.

Quote from Michael's Gambit

Vicky: [enters] Chidi, don't go! I don't care if you don't love me, I love you. It's the only thing that makes any sense to me in this crazy world, and I think we should stay...
Michael: No, stop, Vicky. They figured it out.
Vicky: They...
Michael: They know this is the Bad Place. Eleanor figured it out.
Vicky: [groans] Man! This was supposed to be my big moment. I just rehearsed that speech for, like, three hours. Damn it, Eleanor, you are the worst, and you can all suck it.

Quote from Dance Dance Resolution

Vicky: I speak for the entire crew, Michael. We're sick of it. We can barely remember what we're supposed to be doing anymore, plus... [Australian accent] I spent weeks perfecting this excellent Australian accent, I did. [unaccented] And then I never got a chance to use it.
Michael: You're still upset about the size of your part?
Vicky: Yes, I want a more important role. But that's just my demand; all 318 of us have something we want to do differently.
Michael: Some people want bigger houses. Gayle wants a different backstory where she was an MMA fighter? Gunnar wants to bite and/or nibble on humans while they sleep. You do know, Vicky, that if I were to do some of these that it would be a dead giveaway?
Vicky: And I can help you explain that to them. But some of these are doable. And you're gonna do 'em.

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