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Phil Dunphy's Greetings

Enjoy the creative ways that Phil Dunphy answers the phone, starts a conversation or enters a room.

Quote from Phil in Spread Your Wings

Phil: [knocks] What's the most dangerous type of uranium cake? Yellow!


Quote from Phil in Connection Lost

Phil: [answering FaceTime] What's the best first-person shooter about genetically-modified space marines? Halo!

Quote from Phil in Aunt Mommy

Phil: I have to go show a house. But first, what was Elton John's sexual orientation in the '70s?
Haley & Alex: Bi.
Haley: You've done that one before.
Phil: And it never gets old. Like the good Captain Fantastic himself.

Quote from Phil in Airport 2010

Phil: [cell phone ringing] Quick. Who sang "Evil Woman"?
Mitchell: What?
Phil: [answering phone] ELO!

Quote from Phil in Bad Hair Day

Luke: Hey, handsome. Uh, can you sign this? You don't need to read it.
Phil: Never do!
Luke: Right there.
Phil: Oh. Quick. Nature's sure-fire sunburn remedy? [answering phone] Aloe?

Quote from Phil in Pig Moon Rising

Dean Hinden: [phone rings] Oh, hey, Phil, where were Nationals senior year? Cleveland, Oh... [answers phone] Hi-o!
Phil: [hushed] Can you imagine putting up with this for years on end?
Claire: It's hard.

Quote from Jay in Sleeper

Jay: [phone rings] Ooh. I've been wanting to do this. Quick, what's the ring around an angel's head?
Manny: What?
Jay: [answering the phone] Halo!
Phil: You did the angel one! Ordinarily, I'd be delighted, but this isn't gonna be one of our fun chats.
Jay: You mean like that time you called me when you saw that blimp?
Phil: It was so low, they waved back.

Quote from Phil in Frank's Wedding

Phil: [ringtone playing] Oh, quick. What nickname did Jennifer Lopez steal from Jon Lovitz? J... Never mind. [answers phone] Hello? Yes, the rings.
Luke: Wow. He didn't say "J-Lo."
Haley: He also heard that siren and didn't say, "There's my ride." Did we break Dad?
Claire: And when was the last time you saw him pick up a can of whipped cream and not do his "I've got rabies" gag? Oh, my God. Did we go too far? Have we knocked the fun out of him?

Quote from Phil in Punkin Chunkin

Phil: Wait, what's my favourite hospital food?
Luke: Ummm.
Phil: [answering phone] Jell-o!

Quote from Phil in Punkin Chunkin

Kenneth: Oh, that's me buzzin'. Oh, it's Paris. She's my assistant in Tokyo. You'd think they'd know how to demo 4-D gaming graphics without my help. They don't. Hey, Luke, what instrument does Yo-Yo Ma play?
Luke: Um...
Kenneth: [answering phone] Cello?
Phil: He's me. And he's spectacular.

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