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Spread Your Wings

‘Spread Your Wings’

Season 7, Episode 11 -  Aired January 13, 2016

When Phil visits Alex at college, Claire and the kids take the opportunity to try set the ducks free. Gloria feels Cameron is taking over her sauce business. Meanwhile, Jay helps Mitchell cope as he hosts Lily's dance troupe for a sleepover.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [knocks] What's the most dangerous type of uranium cake? Yellow!


Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Big day. I'm going to see Alex. I'm, uh I'm a little nervous because she's been pulling away lately. Calls don't get returned. I don't get asked to visit as much. Maybe it's hitting me hard 'cause I never went through that with my dad. After my junior year, we- We rode a tandem bike across Mykonos. Come to think of it, there were lots of fathers and sons there.

Quote from Jay

Lily: This is boring. Let's go and build a fort in my room. [Lily and friends run off to her bedroom]
Jay: So, what? You're just gonna give up?
Mitchell: You got to know when to surrender.
Jay: No, sir. I'm not losing to the Vietnamese twice in a lifetime. Get up. No man left behind.

Quote from Gloria

Cameron: I'm just saying this is a great opportunity for our sauce.
[aside to camera:]
Gloria: "Our sauce"? All of a sudden, Cam is calling it "our sauce"? I got that recipe from my great aunt who got it from her mother who stole it from a blind maid. How dare he.

Quote from Haley

Phil: I'm hearing a lot of negatives, but we're overlooking the fact that Feathers can now fetch.
Claire: Honey, she pulled a wet hot dog bun out of the sink, and you said, "get the bun." That doesn't count as fetching.
Haley: Please tell me they're not gonna live here forever.
Luke: You're really not the one to make that argument.
Haley: Oh, like you're not gonna die of natural causes in that bunk bed upstairs.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: Ay, I'm just saying it wouldn't kill you to break some rules. You're a minor. Take advantage of it.
Manny: I break the rules. I just prefer to be suave, do it with panache and finesse.
Gloria: Ay, those are American shampoos. I know.

Quote from Mitchell

[aside to camera:]
Mitchell: I'm hosting a sleepover for Lily's Vietnamese dance troupe. We want her to be more in touch with her heritage, but breaking the ice with the other parents has been a little tough. Cam and I are the only white parents, the only gay parents, the only parents that find us funny.
Mitchell: Hi. Come on in, Patricia, Ms. Tran. The girls are in Lily's room. Oh, this is a fun coincidence. We actually had a couple trans over for dinner last ni-
[aside to camera:]
Mitchell: The hardest nut to crack has been little Patricia Tran's mother. I didn't try her homemade pho at a potluck once, and now she doesn't like me. You could say it was a little bit of a pho pa.

Quote from Jay

Manny: The team left me out of the end-of-the-season prank.
Jay: You know, that takes me back. We told the school board that Coach Davis was a communist. The man spent a weekend in jail. [chuckles] Simpler times.
Manny: Well, that's better than what these meatheads cooked up. They just parked the principal's car in the middle of the basketball court.
Jay: [laughing] That's not where cars go.

Quote from Manny

Manny: They just so happen to grow blood peppers at the botanical gardens.
Cameron: Great. Let's go.
Manny: You're adorable. We're talking rare flora in a secure location.
Gloria: Okay, so, then what do we do?
Manny: First, apologize for calling me a goody-goody, because I'm about to lay out a plan so daring that the two of you may not have the guts to follow it.
Gloria: Should I take my knife?
Cameron: I have my baseball bat in my car.
Manny: Okay, we're stealing a pepper, not teaching its family a lesson.

Quote from Phil

Phil: Domo arigato, Mr. Robotics Lab! What?!

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