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Connection Lost

‘Connection Lost’

Season 6, Episode 16 -  Aired February 25, 2015

When her flight is delayed at the airport, Claire is in contact with the entire family through FaceTime as she struggles to reach Haley.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [answering FaceTime] What's the best first-person shooter about genetically-modified space marines? Halo!


Quote from Haley

Haley: Married! Why would I get married?
Phil: Because you're pregnant with Andy's baby!
Haley: What? Why would you think that?
Claire: [on FaceTime] Oh. Because you changed your Facebook status to "married." Then we tracked your cell phone to a wedding chapel in Vegas.
Phil: And you ordered this book.
Haley: Wow. First of all, it's called privacy. Google it.

Quote from Claire

Claire: [on FaceTime] I can't believe she's pregnant.
Phil: Let's not jump to any conclusions.
Claire: Jump? Let's review. She's been moody, eating weird food, getting nauseous. She left in the middle of the night for a wedding chapel in Vegas with her secret love and most suspicious of all she bought a book!

Quote from Jay

Jay: Fly safe. And remember, you can recline. It's still America up there.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [on FaceTime] What if you're right? What do we do?
Claire: I don't know.
Phil: I'll kill that Andy. How could he be so irresponsible? I mean, he's a good kid. But to run off with my baby girl after I fell for his "Aw, shucks" act! Which is probably not an act because he's genuinely nice and he thinks "shucks" is the "S" word. Still, I want to kill him! But that would be robbing my grandchild of probably a really great father! Damn you, Andy Bailey!
Claire: His last name is Bailey?
Phil: Oh, my God. She's gonna be Haley Bailey.

Quote from Jay

Jay: [answering FaceTime] Hello. Can you see me?
Claire: Thumb, Dad.
Jay: [groans] The minute they got rid of rotary phones everything went to hell.

Quote from Phil

Claire: [on FaceTime] I can't get in touch with Haley. I haven't talked to her since we got in that fight. She around?
Phil: I think she slept at a friend's house.
Claire: What friend?
Phil: Um... Not a normal name, starts with a vowel, possibly foreign.
Claire: Oh, maybe Alex knows. Is she home?
Phil: Nope. I have not seen her for hours. Does Haley know an Arjibarge?

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: [on FaceTime] Hey, Claire, did you get me some Garrett's cheese and caramel corn yet?
Claire: Oh, shoot. I forgot.
Cameron: It's the one thing you had to do in Chicago!
Claire: You are so right. I'm sorry that I let myself get distracted by my job.
Cameron: Okay, I'm looking for sweet and salty, Claire, not bitter.

Quote from Cameron

Claire: [on FaceTime] Guys, listen, yesterday did Haley mention where she was gonna go after she babysat for Lily?
Mitchell: No, but when you do talk to her, can you tell her to be careful with my powder blue suit that Cam let her borrow without asking me?
Claire: Why did she want a suit?
Cameron: A friend of hers needs it for a wedding, and Mitchell needs to stop dressing like he's in a barbershop quartet.

Quote from Alex

Claire: [on FaceTime] Can you just do me a favor and call your sister?
Alex: [snickers] If she's screening, I'm not making the cut. Why don't you just snoop on her Facebook page with your fake profile?
Claire: I don't have a fake profile.
Alex: Mom, save it. Brody Kendall just logged in. That trick might have worked on Haley, but I know that's a picture of Chachi.

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