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Quote from Polly in the Middle

Piama: I picked up some cold medicine for you.
Francis: I told you I'm fine.
Piama: You know what happens when you get that scratchy thing in your throat.
Francis: I don't need it.
Piama: I'm not gonna be up all night with you coughing. Just take it.
Ranch Hand: [to Piama] Señora. [to Francis] Señora.
Francis: You have to stop telling me what to do. You are putting me in a horrible position in front of my guys, Piama, and it's getting worse.
Piama: They're not doing the work?
Francis: What? No, they do plenty of work.
Piama: Then what's the problem?
Francis: They're... teasing me.
Piama: The other boys are teasing you.
Francis: Let me explain something to you, Piama. [quietly] The whole macho thing is very big in Mexican culture.
Piama: No, it's actually big in every culture, and I'm not buying into it just because these guys are acting like jerks.

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