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Winston Bishop's Pranks and Mess Arounds

A collection of Winston Bishop's greatest pranks, mess arounds and aliases.

Quote from Winston in Secrets

Winston: All right, everybody stop! Wherever you are right now, just sit down! Okay, now, Saturday is a day for sleeping, and damn it, you will not take that away from me! You, give her her scarf back. Finders keepers is not a thing. You, get out of my house!
Holly: Who are you?
Winston: Who am I? Who am I? Well, I am Theodore K. Mullins. And Nick is my lover on the down low. Tell her, Nick. Tell her how it really goes down in apartment 4D. Oh, great Negro spiritual, please come down and loose these chains on this woman! Flesh on flesh. When the lights are off, we are all the same.
Nick: Not true.
Winston: Dear lord, help me, Father! Get out of my house. Get out of my house!


Quote from Winston in Engram Pattersky

Winston: Gotcha! [laughs] Prank Sinatra, baby!
Cece: What?
Schmidt: I don't get it. The truck is the prank? What, did you pay the rental fee? Winston, that's just nice.
Winston: You didn't have to move.
Nick: Yes, we did have to move, you idiot. We got evicted.
Jess: What is he talking about?
Nick: I have no idea.
Winston: Engram Pattersky. If you rearrange those letters, what does it spell?
Jess: "My greatest prank."
Winston: My greatest prank!

Quote from Winston in Big Mama P

Winston: Oh, she's gonna get hers.
Jess: No, no, Winston, no. What did you do? No pranks.
Schmidt: Such bad timing.
Winston: Hey, Mrs. Parikh. Check your shoe. [Winston snickers] Tickle foot! [laughs] I put a feather in your shoe! [laughing]
Jess: Too small, dude. Way too small.

Quote from Winston in Bully

Nick: You know, I thought I heard the door open at 3:00 a.m. Those are the sounds of true love. Bet she had the time of her life.
Winston: What happened? Did I miss her?
Schmidt: You did.
Winston: Man, I love meeting the girls you bring home. I like to pretend like I'm your lover on the down-low. "Theodore K. Mullins. Damn, Schmidt, in our bed? Where we shave each other? I've always loved you, you're my boo."
Schmidt: Theodore K. Mullins is not my type, man.

Quote from Winston in James Wonder

Winston: A-ha! You see this whole time, y'all thought you were having breakfast with Winston, but it turns out y'all been sitting with James Wonder. I'm talking about my alias. See, I'm thinking about applying for undercover work.
Jess: That sounds incredibly dangerous.
Winston: Well, not if I go deep enough into my undercover character. I've been practicing on y'all unknowin' asses. I combined the names of my favorite singers... Stevie Wonder and James Blunt. And I put those together to create a different name as my alias, James Wonder.
Jess: I'm worried you're not the undercover type of guy. I feel like if you had the ability to pretend to be someone else, you would have made that decision a long time ago. I feel like that sounded harsh, but it's only 'cause I care about you.

Quote from Winston in Christmas Eve Eve

Winston: You didn't sign for it!
Schmidt: How was I supposed to sign for Garage-A-Roo's package? You and your dang old aliases. You have a new alias every day, Winston.
Winston: Yes, but you should know it's me!
Schmidt: Garage-A-Roo, Kenneth.
Winston: But it was me clearly! Kenneth Kenneth. Rick Smits, Big Poppy Jones.
Schmidt: These are the dumbest names I've ever heard!
Winston: Pontius Pilate.
Schmidt: AKA idiot. Maybe that truck is still in the neighborhood. Let's go out and try and get it.
Winston: Wait! This just became a Schmidt and a Jay Garage-A-Roo mess-around.
Schmidt: Freakin' Jay Garage-A-Roo.

Quote from Winston in Jeff Day

Rhonda: I don't like to talk about it around new people, but we were homeless.
Cece: Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry.
Schmidt: I had no idea.
Rhonda: It was tough. We didn't have money for food, clothes, toys. My brother and I adopted a rat. I remember, we called the rat Cingular Wireless. He was sweet. Until he ate my brother's pinkie toe clean off.
Schmidt: [quietly] What?
Rhonda: He bit it like a baby carrot. Just [snapping]. It woke me up.
Schmidt: That snap, that snap.
Rhonda: In the end, we laughed about it, 'cause what else can you do? Just Singular being Singular.
Schmidt: Gosh darn it.
Rhonda: [sighing] He ran away after a while... my brother, not the rat... he didn't get far, obviously, not with nine toes. Listen, it wasn't a great childhood, and I know that I come on strong, but I guess, if I can scare people with my pranks, then I know I'm not the only one who's scared.
Schmidt: What a cruel, terrible world we live in. I had no idea. I'm so, so, so, sorry. [Winston and Rhonda guffawing]
Winston: You're stupid, Schmidt. And you're-you're stupid, too, Cece.
Rhonda: Stupid.
Cece: Okay, wait, so the en... the en... the entire story is a lie?
Rhonda: Rhon. Da'd. Pow-pow.

Quote from Winston in Big Mama P

Winston: No more Carport Hero! Tonight, I'm Prank Sinatra.
Jess: No. No! You didn't play a prank... You are the worst prankster in the world! Every prank you do turns out either too big...
Nick: What is it? Did you register me as a sex offender? [Winston snickers]
Jess: ... or too small.
Schmidt: How'd this blueberry get in here?
Winston: [mumbles] I don't... [laughs] [whoops] You should have saw your face!
Winston: He did not see that coming. Just like no one's gonna see what's coming tonight.
Jess: Nothing should be coming tonight.
Winston: I'm sorry, Jess. The fuse has already been lit. The lion has spotted the gazelle. The doo-doo is already mid-flight to the fan. The silly hounds have been released. I repeat: the silly hounds have been released.

Quote from Winston in First Date

Winston: Or... we could break into a zoo, steal a bear, then we shoot that bear full of Hep C, and then we release that bear in the restaurant right when they order dessert.
Schmidt: Winston, you're terrible at pranks.
Winston: I get that.
Schmidt: You don't think just a bear alone in a restaurant is enough?

Quote from Winston in Big Mama P

Winston: Now, me, myself, I am Winston Bishop.
J. Cronkite Valley-Forge: Officer Winston Bishop? The Winston Bishop? The Carport Hero?
Robby: I knew it was you. I saw you on TV, man.
Big Schmidt: Officer, you make me want to be a better man. I'm gonna stop, uh, peeing in my ex-wife's mailbox.
Winston: No, seriously, everybody, calm down. Act normal around me. I'm a fun guy. I do pranks. Uh, Cece's last wedding? The badger that fell down and almost killed a bunch of people... that was me! [chuckles] I'm Prank Sinatra, baby! Old Brown Eyes. Ain't no prank like a badger prank, because a badger prank got badgers, and it's dangerous as hell!

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