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Employee Appreciation Day

‘Employee Appreciation Day’

Season 4, Episode 22 -  Aired May 16, 2019

Amy and Dina announce "Employee Appreciation Day" to improve morale as the workers discuss unionizing. Meanwhile, Corporate's extreme attempt to quash the union movement puts one employee in peril.

Quote from Marcus

Dina: Yeah, that definitely looks infected.
Marcus: I have to sleep face down with a wet towel on my back. This massage is gonna be torture.
Cheyenne: Maybe you shouldn't get a massage.
Marcus: It's a free massage.


Quote from Sandra

Mateo: I can't wait for union health care. Did you know if you tell them you have "migraines," they cover Botox?
Sandra: My cousin went to Mexico, and they injected cement into her face. Still in there. You can hear it rattle when she talks.

Quote from Cheyenne

Dina: So, you guys are all thinking about joining, huh? It's just that, like, I don't a union giving out free ice cream and Frisbees, you know.
Marcus: Yeah, but they give out other stuff.
Cheyenne: The teachers at my high school unionized, and now there's literally nothing they can do to get them fired. Like, Mr. Lackman's still there, and he's married to a sophomore.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Hey, the whole store is signing union cards.
Amy: What?
Dina: Yeah. The cleaning crew thought they were signing birthday cards, but the signatures still count. Then once Marcus went union, all the warehouse guys followed him. They actually consider him to be a leader, which I think is the most disturbing part of all of this.

Quote from Cheyenne

Amy: Okay, does anybody have any thoughts about the video? I mean, I'm a little disappointed.
Cheyenne: I thought you were showing us Paddington.
Amy: Uh, no, I never said-
Sayid: I also heard it was gonna be Paddington.
Amy: I don't know where these Paddington rumors got started.

Quote from Glenn

Dina: Well, I found it interesting to learn that unions actually limit communication.
Amy: Good point, Dina. It's like when you have a problem, do you wanna be able to come straight to me or do you wanna have to go through some shop steward like in the video?
Marcus: Definitely you. That guy was a dick.
Glenn: Where do I know him from?
Garrett: Oh, he's in that rheumatoid arthritis commercial where he can't pick up his grandkids and he's sad.
Dina: Oh, yeah, and then the dog drops the ball at his feet, and he just shakes his head like, "Can't do it, buddy."
Glenn: Aww.

Quote from Sayid

Glenn: I don't understand how Jerry is the man in the middle. Am I picturing the right guy?
Sayid: He's not trying to be sexy, and that's what makes him sexy.

Quote from Marcus

Glenn: There are two guards on the loading dock.
Dina: Yeah, same with the side door.
Mateo: Oh, God, we're trapped.
Marcus: Guys, what about this? You hide in here with a bunch of mannequins. Then if ICE looks in, all they see is a bunch of arms and legs.
Mateo: That's your brilliant plan, me hiding in a trash compactor? What if somebody pushes the button?
Cheyenne: Oh, I could tape up a sign that says, "Please don't operate trash compactor."
Marcus: No. No, they'd notice that. It's the fact that only an idiot would hide inside a working trash compactor that plays in our favor.
Glenn: Maybe we could hide you up on the roof.
Mateo: And then what? Well, and then, you know... phase two. [alarm blaring]
Marcus: Whoa. Sorry, my fingers are still greasy from a salami rollup. Don't worry. I'll reset this, you'll get in. It's gonna be fine.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Screw it. You can live with me. I've been living in a small utility room in the back of the store for several months.
All: What?
Marcus: I bathe at night in the employee bathroom, and I pee in jars.
Amy: Ew.
Jonah: Why wouldn't you just pee in the bathroom?
Marcus: 'Cause I've been peeing in jars.
Mateo: I would love to not spend the rest of my life living with you in a hole in the back of the store, but thank you.
Marcus: You're welcome.

Quote from Sayid

Marcus: What if we let you get deported and then you can just come back legally like Sayid?
Dina: Yeah, what was that application process like?
Sayid: Well, my country was in a civil war. I applied for refugee status and waited two years for background checks while all my friends either died or fled persecution.
Dina: Sorry, I meant literally what was the application like? Did you do it online or was it a snail mail situation?
Sayid: Snail mail.
Dina: Oof, brutal.

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