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Cloud 9.0

‘Cloud 9.0’

Season 5, Episode 1 - Aired September 26, 2019

The staff worry about their jobs when Corporate sends a new robot to clean the store. Meanwhile, Marcus and Dina plot to set Mateo free following his detention, and Amy tries to help Cheyenne deal with her grief.

Quote from Jonah

Amy: Dick. Pretending like corporate didn't send ICE in here.
Jonah: Yeah, but well played with the anti-union stuff. You're like a double agent. My own Elizabeth Jennings.
Amy: Is that from The Americans?
Jonah: Yeah, it's so good. You should just...
Amy: I'm not gonna watch it.
Jonah: Just...


Quote from Marcus

Marcus: This is the detention center. We're hatching a plan to bust out Mateo. Now, the key is to go at night when the guards are fast asleep.
Garrett: Wow, that's a great plan. You know what you could do? You could hang a poster of the moon up outside the window, that way they'll think it's night time. You can go in whenever you want.
Marcus: I'm writing this down.
Dina: He's mocking us, Marcus. He only likes letting birds out of cages, not people.

Quote from Dina

Garrett: Is this entirely necessary?
Marcus: Yes. They can't stop four Mateos from getting out of there.
Garrett: But they can stop some of us?
Dina: Ideally, no. Best case scenario, Mateo gets out. Second best scenario, we all get out but they keep Mateo. Third best scenario, they keep one of us but Mateo gets out. Fourth best scenario...
Garrett: You can't have four best scenarios!

Quote from Amy

Jonah: So this is what they think will save them from online retailers? A confusing ad and a free app?
Amy: Oh, it's not free. It's 2.99.

Quote from Marcus

Dina: Check it out, people. We got a robot.
Jonah: It was nice of corporate to wait an entire week before they reminded us we're just as replaceable as Mateo.
Marcus: Hey, nobody can replace Mateo.
Cheyenne: Aren't you living in his apartment?
Marcus: Yes, I'm keeping an eye on his stuff.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Well, I have to try something. I mean, I'm the one that let Mateo get detained.
Garrett: What? No, you didn't...
Dina: I was on the monitors. I should have been able to find him an escape route. But don't worry. No one expects you to help. Okay, some people are helpers. Some are destroyers. Some people donate blood. Some steal blood and sell it for video game money.
Garrett: I don't... nobody does that.
Marcus: My cousin Rick does.

Quote from Marcus

Garrett: So, wait, are you saying if I don't help you break Mateo out of a heavily-guarded detention facility, I'm a bad person?
Dina: Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Garrett: Okay, I'll help.
Marcus: Awesome. Welcome aboard. Now, some of this is from an old west set, so the doors at the detention center might not swing open as easy as the saloon's.

Quote from Cheyenne

Amy: I think we can find a song that's a little bit more Mateo-y.
Jonah: Yeah, I think he likes, uh, Taylor Swift.
Cheyenne: No, he's back to hating her again.

Quote from Dina

Sayid: Do people know "Yalla Tnam Rima?"
Dina: No, but I wish I did. It sounds gorgeous.
Amy: Guys, let's pick a song that we all know in a language we all know.
Marcus: Got it. [sings] ♪ Pizza in the morning ♪
All: ♪ Pizza in the evening ♪ ♪ Pizza at supper time ♪
Amy: Guys, are you guys...
All: ♪ When pizza's on a bagel ♪
Dina: ♪ You can eat pizza anytime ♪ [cheers and applause] Never had any training.

Quote from Marcus

Garrett: I know we got other things on our mind with, uh, Mateo and everything, but why does MC Cool Cloud have a jetpack? He's a cloud. They're already in the sky.
Jonah: Also, Cloud 9.0? Does corporate think ".0" just means high tech?
Marcus: No, it means cool, like Tosh.0.

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