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Sandra's Fight

‘Sandra's Fight’

Season 4, Episode 21 -  Aired May 16, 2019

As Sandra continues her fight to unionize the workers, Amy learns that the store is at risk of being closed down. Meanwhile, Garrett's co-workers are no longer friendly with him after learning the truth about how Dina's birds died.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Amy, could I say a few words?
Amy: Um, okay.
Sandra: [stands up] Screw management!
Amy: Okay.
Sandra: Once we clock out Amy can't make us do a damn thing. If you see a loose cart in the parking lot, you can kick it over or shove it into traffic.
Jonah: Seems like just as much work?
Sandra: Also, managers can't give us polygraph tests.
Amy: I wasn't planning on giving anyone a polygraph test.
Sandra: Well, good. 'Cause we ain't taking one, Amy.
Cheyenne: Mm-hmm.
Sandra: Stay strong, people.
Marcus: Whoo! [claps]


Quote from Sandra

Sandra: We have a right to healthy air quality and adequate airflow. Do you feel any airflow? 'Cause I don't feel any airflow.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Rise up. Stand up for your rights. Power to the people. Cute top!
Amy: Hey, Sandra. Um, handing out some flyers?
Sandra: Yeah, do you want one?
Jonah: Sandra says "no" to hate and "yes" to freedom. Seems uncontroversial.
Sandra: I'm not a hero.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Did everyone hear that? Amy is now telling me that I can't even talk about unions.
Amy: No.
Glenn: Amy, is that true?
Cheyenne: I don't think you're allowed to do that.
Amy: I was just saying that while she's at work-
Sandra: This is my work now. The work of justice. The only work that matters.
Jonah: Where are you ge- Is this from a play?
Sandra: No.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: I just wonder if a union will lead to more rules. Like, what if they start making us wear gloves when we clean the toilets?
Mateo: You don't wear gloves when you clean the toilets?
Marcus: No way. I need my fingernails to chip away at the caked-on parts.
Mateo: Ugh.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Unions? Huh. Well, you can't talk in here. The break room is closed.
Justine: Wait, why?
Dina: Because of the radon problem.
Marcus: Too much or too little?
Dina: I think you know.
Mateo: But where are we supposed to eat lunch?
Dina: That doesn't matter to me as long as you're not together. So you don't cross-contaminate each other. Um, just go eat in your cars or something.
Myrtle: I don't have a car.
Dina: Fine, then you can go down to the sub-basement.
Mateo: Didn't the building inspector say there was radon there, too?
Dina: Of course he did, but truthfully radon is the least of your worries down there.

Quote from Jonah

Robin: I'm saying if you are dating the boss, well then that explains why you're so anti-labor.
Jonah: No! That has nothing to do-
Cheyenne: Yeah, you can't be pro-labor when you're having sex with the boss all the time.
All: Oh!
Jonah: Guys, I'm not anti-labor, okay? I'm just saying... retail is dying. And we're already being replaced by machines that can do our jobs better and faster than us. And- And most of us have no education, no skills, and are just generally terrible. [to Marcus] No offense. [to group] So maybe we should just be happy with what we've got. You know? Because for most of us... this is as good as it's ever gonna get. [silence] That said, I'm generally pro-labor.

Quote from Sandra

Amy: Sandra, look. I get that this is fun. But corporate is taking this seriously.
Sandra: You hear that, everyone? Corporate is taking us seriously.
Amy: No! What I mean is that corporate is viewing this as a threat.
Sandra: And they view us as a threat!
Jonah: You maybe want to think of your phrasing before so that you don't twist your words-
Amy: Yeah. No, I'm getting that. [Sandra climbs on a counter] Wait, what are you doing? Can you please not get up on the- No, if you could just, San-
Sandra: Management is trying to silence us. But our voices will be heard.
Amy: No. Nobody was trying to silence anybody.
Glenn: She was somewhat.
Amy: Glenn!
Glenn: What? You were.
Sandra: Well, if we can't talk here then we will talk elsewhere. Union meeting, tonight! Location, TBD. Time, TBD. Refreshments, T-B-D! [scattered applause] [applause]

Quote from Myrtle

Myrtle: [video display] Greetings, shoppers! Check out our great deals on... Low battery. [screen shuts off]

Quote from Justine

Sandra: Unionization.
Marcus: [imitates buzzer] Can't say the word.
Mateo: This isn't Taboo.
Justine: Incest.
Robin: What?
Justine: It's taboo in every culture.
Robin: No, it's just-
Justine: No, it is.
Glenn: And the Bible.
Robin: Incest.
Justine: Yes! On the board.

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