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Quote from Back to Work

Jonah: Look, all I'm saying is with a little effort it's not that hard to get people to like you.
Dina: I really don't care if people like me.
Jonah: Okay, but... don't you find it hard being a boss to people... that resent you? [employees snicker]
Dina: You do raise a good point.
Jonah: Yeah.
Dina: I watch a lot of Dog Whisperer DVDs and it's always easier to train a bitch who enjoys your scent.
Jonah: That's exactly what I meant.


Quote from Pilot

Dina: All right, campers, listen up. I've got an important announcement. This is your garden variety generic decongestant. And this is crystal meth, okay? The tweakers use this to make this. So stop selling them this, so they can't make this.
Cheyenne: That guy told me he had a really bad cold.
Dina: He was buying 35 boxes, Cheyenne. That should have been a red flag, okay? Use your noggin.
Glenn: Let's thank Dina for that helpful tip of the day. Thank you, Dina.
Garrett: Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that she walking around with a bag of crystal meth?

Quote from Secret Shopper

Jonah: I wonder if they'll send one here.
Dina: A secret shopper? [scoffs] I'd know. I can always sniff out a fake. The only way a secret shopper's getting past me is if he doesn't even know he's a secret shopper. Like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.
Garrett: I'm gonna say this one more time. Deckard was not a replicant.
Dina: Then explain the friggin' unicorn!
Garrett: Director's Cut doesn't count!
Dina: I can't listen to the Blade Runner debate one more time.

Quote from Secret Shopper

Dina: Condolence cards, huh? Bummer. Who died?
Man: Uh, a friend of mine.
Dina: Hmm. You don't look very upset. Probably not that good a friend. Can I see a death certificate?
Man: I-I don't think I need a death certificate just to buy a card.
Dina: Well, well, well. Look who knows a lot about Cloud 9 store policies. What was your friend's name?
Man: I don't understand...
Dina: How did he die? What did he love? What kind of music was he into? Billy Joel? Everybody's into Billy Joel. Was he a vegetarian or normal? The kind of guy you trust with a lot of money or...
Man: Enough, all right? I see what you're doing, and you're right. By the end, I didn't really know him anymore. May- Maybe I never really knew him. The point is, I wasn't there for him when he needed me the most. [walks off sobbing]
Dina: Hmm. [to a man buying a Bar Mitzvah card] Funny. You don't look Jewish.

Quote from Back to Work

Dina: [clears throat] "Dear everyone, from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry that you are mad at me. I only acted the way the way I did because I'm a very loyal person and I can't empathize with people who are self-centered traitors. If I could go back in time I would do the exact same thing. I consider this matter closed now." Huh?
Jonah: Great. Great, uh... lotta great stuff in there. I just have a few notes. Tiny stuff. Maybe it could be a little more personal.
Dina: Sounds great. Write it up.

Quote from Guns, Pills and Birds

Dina: All right, in order for this to work, it is critical that we run at the crow at exactly the same speed, 8 miles per hour, got it?
Mateo: Yes, ma'am.
Dina: All right.
Mateo: Actually, I don't know how fast that is.
Dina: Sorry, sometimes I forget you're Asian. 13 kilometers per hour.
Mateo: I still don't...
Dina: It's 240 steps a minute.
Mateo: That doesn't mean anything to me.
Dina: Well, I don't know how to make it any clearer.
Mateo: You're just saying just run pretty fast, right?
Dina: "Pretty fast" is a relative term. What's your resting heart rate?
Mateo: I have no idea.
Dina: God, we're gonna have to figure it out now. Okay, take your pulse for ten seconds. You're gonna multiply that number by six.

Quote from Black Friday

Dina: Hey, I need you to work the register while Tim's in the bathroom.
Garrett: Nah, I don't do registers.
Dina: Look, I know that it's really the hip thing for you millennials to not give a crap...
Garrett: That's not true, and we're the same age, but please, go on.
Dina: It's all hands on deck, so quit your Myspacing and get on the register. That's an order.

Quote from Super Hot Store

Dina: How about you cool it with the attitude?
Garrett: Not today, Dina.
Dina: What, you think you're the only person that's uncomfortable? My pelvic area is like the Gulf Coast right now. Seriously, I could steam shellfish in these khakis.

Quote from Integrity Award

Dina: Come on now, you just need to make it worth his while, right? Bedroom-wise? Kitchen-wise? Dungeon-wise? Whatever it is you guys do. This would just really help me out.
Mateo: Okay, sure, no problem.
Dina: Great. Let me know if you need any good sex moves.
Mateo: Nope, I'm good.
Dina: You're gonna wanna take his whole mess of parts, and just twist 'em up fast, okay? Like a... like a windup toy. Uh, pretend it's a jar of pickles that won't open. [to a customer] Excuse you, this is a private conversation.

Quote from Integrity Award

Dina: Okay, this is our store today. Here's where I'd like to see it in three months. Fresh coat of paint, advanced security system. You can tell Jeff whatever they have at the Tel Aviv airport will be fine.

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