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Quote from Election Day

Cheyenne: Oh, I'm not 18 yet. You know, it's funny. I can drink, but I can't vote.


Quote from Wellness Fair

Cheyenne: I love medicine. I watch all those shows. "I need 10ccs, stat." "Prep the incubation tray." "I can't have sex with you. [whimpers] I'm an intern."
Garrett: Yeah, that all sounds pretty medically accurate.

Quote from Glenn's Kids

Mateo: What... what is it? What did he draw?
Cheyenne: Mm, uhh, I don't think I can say it in front of the kids. But... you have one, but I don't. But we both like them. And sometimes they're curved...
Amy: Cheyenne, this is more disturbing than the word.

Quote from Grand Re-Opening

Amy: Look, we can always redo stuff tomorrow, so for now, it's better to do things fast and bad than slow and good.
Cheyenne: But fast and good is better.
Amy: What are you doing?
Cheyenne: What? Fast and good is better than fast and bad.
Amy: Yes, but for now, we're gonna prioritize speed.
Cheyenne: Okay. I'm... I'm prioritizing both.
Amy: You can't prioritize both!

Quote from Gender Reveal

Jerusha: The doctor says it's normal for the head to be so much bigger than the rest of the body.
Cheyenne: I've heard that successful people have unusually large heads. Look at the Burger King.

Quote from #Cloud9Fail

Cheyenne: If you're looking for an electric toothbrush, I'd suggest the Dentafix 100.
Man: It looks used.
Cheyenne: What? Who would sell a used toothbrush? We wouldn't sell that.
Mateo: This is the newest trend in oral hygiene. You want a brush that's pre-distressed, like a nice pair of jeans.
Cheyenne: A friend of mine got one of the old models with the straight, white bristles. Tore her gums to shreds. She had to get new ones from a dead body.

Quote from Toy Drive

Amy: What kind of organization hires a guy like that anyway? I mean, I bet this whole Samaritans thing is just a big scam.
Cheyenne: Yeah, like those charities that send someone a cow in a third world country and then it just ends up taking a bite out of their TV and, like, hogging the shower and stuff.
Jonah: Was that... Are you thinking of a cartoon?

Quote from Myrtle

Amy: I can't believe Myrtle's gone.
Cheyenne: Yeah, she was so sweet, and lived through so much. Her e‐mail address was from Yahoo.

Quote from Myrtle

Mateo: You're selling bootleg makeup.
Cheyenne: Shh. Corona turned me on to her little side hustle selling this makeup, and she's been making bank. She keeps Instagramming herself rolling around in money.
Mateo: Ew. Money is filthy.
Cheyenne: Yeah, she got a staph infection from it, but she can afford mad antibiotics now.
Mateo: Lucy May? [scoffs] Cheyenne, I've heard about this. This is a pyramid scheme.
Cheyenne: No, no, no, it's called multi‐level marketing. The different levels get smaller and smaller as you go up. It's kind of shaped like a triangle.
Mateo: Trust me. It's a scam. It'll just make your money problems worse.
Cheyenne: But it's so easy. I just recruit people, and then I get a cut. It's like I'm a makeup pimp.

Quote from Floor Supervisor

Jonah: Cheyenne, did you tell people I was gonna take away their breaks?
Cheyenne: Yeah, Dina told me if I said that to people, they wouldn't vote for you. Plus my friend K-Fai works at Olive Garden... [loudly] And if I'm elected, she's gonna bring us free breadsticks. Oh, and also, I promise to get the best scientists to work really hard on a COVID vaccine.
Jonah: What? Oh, come on, that's... There is no way she can do that. The vaccine thing. The breadsticks part, maybe. I don't know.

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