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Shadowing Glenn

‘Shadowing Glenn’

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Aired December 13, 2018

Glenn takes Amy under his wing when she expresses an interest in becoming a manager. Meanwhile, Dina starts to question her career choices, and Cheyenne and Mateo decide to start a business together.

Quote from Amy

Amy: Do you think Glenn was really mad? I mean, it's hard to tell with him. He turns purple for so many reasons.


Quote from Justine

Dina: So let me know if any of these feel right to you. First up, me as a chef.
Justine: Yummers.
Dina: Firefighter.
Justine: Whoa, somebody call 9/11!
Dina: You mean 9-1-1?
Justine: I did.
Dina: You have to say "9-1-1."
Justine: Okay.

Quote from Glenn

Amy: So, I've been doing a little future planning myself. And I was thinking that maybe I might wanna, um, become a manager like you.
Glenn: [gasps] Like me?
Amy: Yeah.
Glenn: Well... [voice unsteady] that is some interesting news.
Amy: And I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to write a letter of recommendation for the management training program. I'm sorry, are you okay?
Glenn: [emotionally] Yeah, I'm sorry. This is just like the happiest day of my life. I am gonna teach you everything that I know. You are gonna be the best manager - sorry, manageress - that they have ever seen.
Amy: I'm pretty sure that the training program will cover most of what I need-
Glenn: Oh, there is no way that I am sending you into that lion's den unarmed. I gotta start building your curriculum.
Amy: Oh, um, that sounds like a lot work, and I know how valuable your time is.
Glenn: No, do not even think about paying me for this. Lesson one: Typing using the "home row" method.

Quote from Glenn

Ronald: [answers phone] Shipping.
Glenn: Hey, Ronald, Glenn Sturgis here. Time to order some more paper towels.
Ronald: Okay, no problem.
Glenn: Okay, anyway, how's it going with- [dial tone] And that is how that is done.
Amy: So interesting-
Glenn: Yeah.
Amy: To see behind the curtains.
Glenn: Mm-hmm, yeah. All right, next up is Fern Rosato. Now, she's married to a woman, so watch how casually I bring up Xena: Warrior Princess.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Amy, hey. Are you the one who keeps putting pictures of naked horses in my locker?
Amy: Aren't all horses naked?
Marcus: Not this naked. They're just... putting it all out there.
Amy: No, Marcus, no. I am not the one putting naked horses in your locker.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Ugh, I thought I was starting to find Coat Guard interesting, but I think I'm just enjoying this octopus in a sailor hat.
Jonah: Well, I think we've been through every job, and there's nothing left.
Dina: There's gotta be something. Do you think space mailman will ever be a thing?

Quote from Amy

Amy: Sir, would you like to try a tasty ice pop?
Amy: Ma'am, you look like you could use a refreshing pick-me-up.
Amy: Celebrate winter with yummy, ice-cold ice pops.
Woman: Are these okay for a diabetic?
Amy: Mm-hmm.
Woman: Okay. Thanks.
Amy: And just like that, you have a mug of steaming hot purple cider.
Amy: Get your ice pops, ice pops, ice pops. [throws box] Hey, oh. Look alive, look alive.
Amy: Half a cup of milk, a handful of kale, a scoop of protein powder, add three ice pops, [blender whirs] That's what fiber sounds like.
Amy: Have a heavenly day. [puts box of ice pops in customer's basket] Have a heavenly day. [puts box of ice pops in customer's basket]
Amy: And then voila. [drinks smoothie] Mmm.
Amy: If your daddy says you can't have them, then you scream and scream and scream your head off until he says yes.
Amy: Just a little like- It's like popcorn.

Quote from Glenn

Amy: Hey, hope I'm not interrupting.
Glenn: No, come on in. I'm just researching Lutheran Kindergarten options for the baby.
Amy: Wow, already?
Glenn: Yeah, they fill up fast. Especially the accredited ones.

Quote from Amy

Glenn: [on video] So, you wanna be a manager. You've worked your little tush off. You're on the fast track. But sloooow down. [holds up "Yield" sign] You still got a lot to learn. Welcome to tape four of Management Overview.
Garrett: When did he make this?
Amy: Last night. He stayed up till 11:30. He actually fell asleep through most of part one, but then he farted himself awake.

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: I wanna start my own business someday.
Mateo: Oh, my God, so do I.
Cheyenne: Wait, is this really happening? Are we really starting a business together?
Mateo: You know what? I hate you for saying it first, but yes.
Garrett: Guys, remember this moment we just witnessed history.

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