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Shadowing Glenn

‘Shadowing Glenn’

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Aired December 13, 2018

Glenn takes Amy under his wing when she expresses an interest in becoming a manager. Meanwhile, Dina starts to question her career choices, and Cheyenne and Mateo decide to start a business together.

Quote from Justine

Amy: Oh, Glenn, where where are you going?
Glenn: Just out for a business lunch with my proteges.
Jonah: We're gonna talk about a raise over a nacho tower at Red Robin with a bunch of my coworkers.
Glenn: Yeah, let's go.
Mateo: [to Amy] [scoffs] Give yourself that look.


Quote from Marcus

Amy: Uh, I am just, uh, stunned by how nice our parking lot is. Well done. Very well done.
Glenn: It is. It is a nice parking lot.
[A car drives straight through printed banner of a parking lot, crashing into the mound of ice pop boxes]
All: Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Marcus: You're not supposed to cut through like that.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Mm-hmm. Hey, this might not be the best time, but I need to get reimbursed for the giant photo of the parking lot. Kinda maxed out my mom's credit card.
Amy: Uh... no.
Marcus: But you said "hide the ice pops." I did exactly what you said.

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