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Quote from Tornado

Carol: I think we should fire the sluts.
Justine: I hope not all of us sluts.
Dina: You're not a slut, Justine. Stop trying to seem interesting.


Quote from Self-Care

Marcus: She is! She's sleeping.
Jonah: Guys, okay, look. She's been working very hard.
Justine: Unlike us? I haven't stopped working since my shift started.
Jonah: Yeah, that's... That's kind of the deal.

Quote from Favoritism

Amy: Okay, let's start by hearing everybody's work experience. You first, Justine.
Justine: Oh, okay. Well, um, I have worked here for over three years, and before that I was a dog groomer. So I guess you could say I am good with hot-tempered bitches. [chuckles] I'm sorry. I'm very nervous.
Amy: No, thank you, Justine, for answering the question.

Quote from Delivery Day

Glenn: Anyway, you all have my cell phone number but only call if it is a true emergency like a fire, or a big storm, or a robbery, okay?
Justine: What if a celebrity comes in the store like Alec Baldwin, or Billy Baldwin, or Stephen Baldwin?
Glenn: It doesn't matter which Baldwin, you don't need to call. Just enjoy.

Quote from Testimonials

Justine: I told them how Mateo and I are BFFs. Tay-Tay and Tine-Tine: the slut squad.
Amy: Wait, you talked to Richard too?
Justine: Yeah, and I said how Mateo's always serving up the tea, like when he told that lost little girl that she was better off now because her mommy was hot trash.
Jonah: Classic slut squad tea.
Amy: No, Justine, we're supposed to be proving that Mateo has good moral character. Why would you tell the lawyer that?
Justine: I was under oath.
Amy: No, you're not under oath, Justine! Everybody knows that!

Quote from Toy Drive

Justine: You know what's a scam? Those hot Marines on Facebook. Don't send them money till you have the nudes.
Amy: That's good advice.

Quote from Playdate

Justine: Oh, my God, he's so cute. My ovaries are exploding. It's like, scrambled eggs, anyone?
Garrett: Oh, gross.
Corey: Disgusting.

Quote from Carol's Back

Amy: Guys, I sent Carol to lunch so that we could talk about how we're gonna work with her moving forward.
Janet: I've got an idea. Fire her ass.
Amy: I can't. You can't fire someone for mental health issues.
Justine: Well, good, because I have a lot of issues. For one, I'm addicted to sex.
Dina: You wish.
Justine: Yeah, I do.

Quote from California (Part 2)

Justine: The main thing I remember about Amy is her and Jonah doing it on camera during that town hall meeting. Free live porn? Uh, yes, please!

Quote from Prize Wheel

Justine: I feel as though my language is being policed. Like, I should be able to call people mama or girlfriend - or "my bad biatch."
Garrett: Should you?

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