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Quote from The Double Lie

Eric: Hey, little bro. Life's tough, get a helmet.


Quote from First Girlfriends Club

Eric: Look at that. Shawn broke his date with Angela to be with three girls.
Jack: Wait a minute, he's handcuffed.
Eric: That little devil!

Quote from The Pink Flamingo Kid

Eric: So I said to myself, Kyle -
Alan: Kyle?
Eric: That's what I call myself.

Quote from And Then There Was Shawn

Eric: I'll do it. I'm the oldest.
Jack: Actually, I'm the oldest.
Eric: Yeah, but I've lived the longest.

Quote from How to Succeed in Business

Eric: As I turned the corner and walked down that road, it occurred to me. Either I was going the wrong way or that semi-truck was. But that's life. And it's all we have. Thank you.

Quote from Brave New World

Eric: I don't know what's going to happen to me. But I know I'm gonna be a good person who cares about people. And I blame you for that.

Quote from An Affair to Forget

Cory: "Eric Matthews. Look at me. Look at me. A one woman show."
Eric: Oh, yeah, "man". See for me this would be "man".

Quote from Brothers

Eric: First day of college and I got no place to live. I show up at the dorm and I say excuse me, ding ding, front please. Eric Matthews, I go here. Where's my towel, where's my room? They tell me I'm not on the list. Like there's a list!

Quote from Brothers

Amy: Sometimes you scare me. I mean how are you supposed to do well in college if you can't even fill out the housing application?
Eric: Oh, it's worse than that. Checked the wrong box on some other form, now they think I'm an Eskimo.

Quote from Angela's Men

Mr. Feeny: Having served my country personally in the Navy-
Eric: England doesn't have a Navy, you liar!

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