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Quote from The Eskimo

Topanga: I was just having this conversation with them the other day-
Mr. Feeny: Quiet!
Topanga: You yelled at me. But I'm Topanga.


Quote from It's About Time

Topanga: We've waited for this moment all our lives. What are you thinking?
Cory: I can't believe Shawn's not here.
Topanga: I love you too.

Quote from And in Case I Don't See Ya

Topanga: Feeny!
Mr. Feeny: Oh, no.
Topanga: Oh, don't you run away from me, you old goat.

Quote from Cory's Alternative Friends

Topanga: Give me your hand.
Cory: Why?
Topanga: I want to see if our energies converge.

Quote from Class Pre-Union

Mr. Feeny: This world of yours seems like quite a peaceful and loving place.
Topanga: Yes. Especially since we moved all men underground and use them just for breeding.

Quote from The Thrilla' in Phila

Topanga: I need a quote to go with your picture unless you still want to go with "Rah!"
Cory: Well, what'd you put for you?
Topanga: "I do my thing and you do your thing. You are you and I am I. And if in the end we end up together, it's beautiful."
Cory: Put the same for me.

Quote from Pairing Off

Topanga: Cory. My dear little butt-head. May I call you butt-head?
Cory: Sure.

Quote from Class Pre-Union

Topanga: Stuart and I obviously do not see eye to on eye on our futures.
Minkus: We're married!
Topanga: You're breeding stock!
Minkus: I'll take it.

Quote from The Play's The Thing

Cory: Topanga? Insane? What a stretch.
Topanga: If I were a less evolved person, I'd say cram it, brillo head.

Quote from They're Killing Us

Topanga: I don't want to offend any one and my family's feelings are the most important thing to me. But if she thought I was getting married in that freaking monstrosity, she must have been hitting the sauce.

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