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Quote from Eric Hollywood

Jack: Topanga's a good nurse. My fever's back down to malaria level. I think I can go back to my village now.


Quote from Honesty Night

Jack: You don't know what it's like to live here, man. You don't.
Cory: Why do you stay?
Jack: Because ... he's my friend. Because I like him. And no matter what crazy things he says or does, I still like him. God help me I still like him.

Quote from His Answer (Part 1)

Eric: She pretty.
Jack: Dat a lot of woman.

Quote from Raging Cory

Jack: Oh, I'm weird? You know what puts me to sleep? A glass of milk. Not the truck that delivers the milk. But you'll have to excuse me as I was raised in an actual house.

Quote from The Eskimo

Jack: Hey, I didn't hear you come in last night. You must have had a pretty good time on your date, huh?
Eric: The evening began at seven. It started with some quaint dinner conversation at this little Mexican place I happen to know. Came back here and let's just say my clothes were off within five minutes.
Jack: You opened your big mouth, she walked out. You ate alone at Taco Bell. Came home, took off all your clothes and were asleep by eight o'clock.

Quote from Things Change

Cory: And it's your job as Shawn's older brother to what?
Jack: Fix this.
Cory: Why?
Jack: Because he knows all your tricks and he's sick and tired of listening to you.

Quote from His Answer (Part 1)

Eric: If I understand this correctly, girlfriends get to sleep together, bathe together and even get to see each other naked.
Jack: We already do that.

Quote from I Love You, Donna Karan

Jack: I know you're not my mentor, but I just got beat by Eric on a test. That's just plain wrong.

Quote from Raging Cory

Jack: So when people throw garbage down the chute, this is where it ends up, huh?

Quote from Angela's Ashes

Jack: I can't be poor. I'm too good looking to be poor.

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