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Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

‘Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow’

Season 4, Episode 2 -  Aired September 27, 1996

After Cory gets worked up about his appearance, Topanga cuts off a chunk of her hair to prove appearances don't matter. When Topanga regrets her impromptu hair cut, she gets a makeover and comes out looking stunning, leaving Cory feeling even more self-concious.

Quote from Cory

Morgan: Hi, I'm Cory Matthews and for the next three years, I'm going to look like a potato.
Eric: Will you get out of here?
Cory: No, the child speaks the truth. I, Cory Matthews, am a po-ta-to.


Quote from Eric

Eric: This is who I am now, daddy. I'm a townie. I'm worse than a townie because I rely on my parents for economic support. I didn't even buy this cereal. You bought this cereal. You bought my clothes. You bought this cereal. You bought the milk, which was white when it started but is chocolate now because it's Coco Puffs and I've been sitting here for nine hours.

Quote from Cory

Cory: If anyone knows hair, it's me. When I get a hair cut, it looks terrible for like the first six weeks. Then, all of a sudden, it looks terrific for like a day. Then it's time for another hair cut. It's what I like to call the Haircut Cycle of Shame.

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: She's my best friend's girl. She's my best friend's girl. ... Aww, to heck with it. Marry me! I live in a trailer park and have no education, but my hair does this.

Quote from Eric

Eric: These are Cocoa Puffs and I'm a detective.

Quote from Topanga

Topanga: Gotta go.
Cory: Where are you going?
Topanga: This outfit with this hair? Hello. Buh-bye. I am so at the mall.

Quote from Eric

Alan: Eric.
Eric: Yeah?
Alan: Get off your butt. Get a job.
Eric: Huh?
Alan: Right now!
Eric: Thank you, Daddy.