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Magic Is Real

‘Magic Is Real’

Season 3, Episode 19 - Aired March 23, 2016

Inspired by David Copperfield’s walk through The Great Wall of China, Adam becomes a magician in order to impress a girl at school.  Meanwhile, Barry has no interest in taking the PSAT, but when he discovers his friends and girlfriend plan to do so, he’s hit with a harsh reality.

Quote from Barry

Erica: Wow. Are you still studying?
Barry: Even better! According to science, if I play this tape on a loop while I sleep, my brain will sponge up all the information and boom. My days are still free to be awesome.
Erica: Why can't you just do things like a normal person?
Barry: I guess I'm just a character. See you in the morning, knowledge.
Barry: Wait. Erica, come quick. I'm the smartest man in the world. Ask me anything.
Erica: What does Gregarious mean?
Barry: To be like Greg.
Erica: Who is Greg?
Barry: Ah, it didn't work


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: He cut me in half, but I love him twice as much.

Quote from Adam

Barry: Watch and learn. Now that's what the ladies like.
Adam: It looks super wet but somehow it's dry and crispy.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Still upset about Dana, huh? Lucky for you, I actually know a girl who's super into you.
Adam: Really?
Erica: Mom, Adam's feeling unloved!
Beverly: Wait, what? Is my baby sad? Well, look out, 'cause the cuddle coyote is stalking you!
Adam: Why?
Erica: Stay out of my room.
Beverly: I'm coming for snuggies.

Quote from Adam

Adam: There is no magic in this world. Love is dead. But I'll watch 'cause I'm so alone.

Quote from Geoff

Naked Rob: Sorry, bro. PSAT study group ran late.
Barry: PSAT study group? For what?
Geoff: Um, to, like, get into college and get jobs and stuff.
Barry: What are you talking about? You're Madman Schwartz. You're gonna be a successful WWF villain hated by millions.
Geoff: Naturally. But as a fallback, I'll probably be an ophthalmologist like my dad, Eyeman Schwartz.

Quote from Andy

Barry: Cogan, talk some sense into this lunatic.
Andy: Actually, I'm the one that gave him the idea. I'm thinking about doing premed.
Barry: That's not the dream. You're gonna be a female body inspector.
Andy: Turns out, that's not a real job, just a hilarious t-shirt.

Quote from Naked Rob

Barry: Okay, Naked Rob, my rock. Please tell me you're still gonna be a steel drummer on a clothing-optional beach.
Naked Rob: Well, I was thinking about getting my degree in musical engineering. It'll require clothes, but at some point, a boy's got to become a man.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: I just figured magic could be fun. For both of us.
Beverly: What exactly are you saying?
Adam: You know, something we could share together. I mean, there's no Dana. Might as well hang out with my next best lady.
Beverly: Okay, don't [Bleep] with me here. Are you talking about mom time?
Adam: Yeah, sure.
Beverly: Say it.
Adam: Whatever.
Beverly: Say the words. Say "Mom Time".
Adam: Do we have to call it that?
Beverly: Yeah.
Adam: Mom time.

Quote from Adam

Beverly: This is gonna be so much fun! You can be the Amazing Adam, and I'll be the Amazing Beverly.
Adam: We can't both be Amazing.

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