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Dance Party USA

‘Dance Party USA’

Season 2, Episode 22 - Aired April 29, 2015

After spending the day with the most awesome man he knows, Pops, Adam hopes that some of his good luck will rub off on him. But when Adam gambles big at school and loses, he must hand over all his toys to another kid. When Murray opens Adam's eyes to the truth about Pops' winning success, Beverly tries to stop Adam from losing his admiration for his cool grandfather. Meanwhile, Erica is excited to appear on a local TV dance show, but a case of pink eye from a contagious Barry threatens her dream.

Quote from Erica

Erica: I'm glad you came to me with this. And I really appreciate your honesty. And now I hope you can appreciate mine. I think you're unappealing and gross.


Quote from Beverly

Barry: Get away, I'm contagious!
Beverly: The only thing that's contagious are your sweet dance moves.

Quote from Murray

Murray: She just had her morning coffee. You go. I'll stay and be a body in the room for her.

Quote from Dave Kim

Garry: What'd your hot mom pack for lunch today?
Dave Kim: She is hot, dude. Dave Kim likes an hour-glass shape. It harkens back to Hollywood.
Adam: Shut up, Dave Kim.

Quote from Murray

Adam: I had a terrible day. I gambled pretty bad and I lost.
Murray: Well, hey, that's why you always keep a spare pair of underpants in your locker. That gem's for free.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Coach, I'm kinda going through some personal stuff, you have time to talk?
Coach: I'm not just your wrestling coach, Goldberg, I'm your life coach. Now drop and give me feelings.

Quote from Pops

Adam: What about all your legendary war stories? Are those true?
Pops: Well, mostly.
Adam: Did you karate kick Mussolini in the face?
Pops: No, but I was a very outspoken critic.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Happy to report that the dorks and dinks are afraid to talk to me again. All is right with the world.

Quote from Adam

Adam: What the hell is this?
Beverly: Oh, that's one of those, uh, robo change 'em ups you love so much.
Adam: This is a GoBot. I gambled away all my Transformers.
Beverly: And the difference would be?
Adam: This is a Transformer, and this is a GoBot. Look at the obvious difference!

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Well, why not put your money where your mouth is, Ball?
Principal Ball: Meaning?
Beverly: You may be lucky, but when it comes to Beverly Goldberg's love of her children, she never loses.

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