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Dance Party USA

‘Dance Party USA’

Season 2, Episode 22 - Aired April 29, 2015

After spending the day with the most awesome man he knows, Pops, Adam hopes that some of his good luck will rub off on him. But when Adam gambles big at school and loses, he must hand over all his toys to another kid. When Murray opens Adam's eyes to the truth about Pops' winning success, Beverly tries to stop Adam from losing his admiration for his cool grandfather. Meanwhile, Erica is excited to appear on a local TV dance show, but a case of pink eye from a contagious Barry threatens her dream.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: If I win, I get Adam's things back. If I lose, I'll stay out of your office for a week.


Quote from Barry

Lainey: Well, good news is the whole package kind of goes together.
Barry: Yeah, you have this whole cat-lady drifter thing going on.

Quote from Barry

Lainey: Got your stupid pink eye In both eyes. And I was so upset I threw my hair dryer against the wall and broke it. Now I'm so stressed, I think I may be getting a little pimple. Am I?
Erica: There might be something coming in.
Lainey: I'm so sorry, Barry. If you don't want to be seen with me, I totally get it.
Barry: I'm not gonna lie. I'm super into this.
Lainey: I love dating a weirdo.
Barry: That's right you do.

Quote from Erica

Erica: So, what moves you gonna bust out first? I'm thinking I'd walk like an Egyptian right into the safety dance.

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