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Quote from Kim in Green Eyed Monster

Kim: You know, for what it's worth, I hope things work out with you, Tommy, and Kasey.
Dean: You mean Cory and Keisa?
Kim: Yeah, them.
Dean: You don't even know my friends' names?
Kim: I-I do. Cory, Keisa, and... Fred, the one who died last year.
Dean: Fred was my turtle.
Kim: Oh. I thought he was one of your buddies from school.
Dean: And you didn't say anything for a whole year?!
Kim: Ugh!


Quote from Bruce in Bill's New Gig

Bruce: [to Dean] The army taught me how to kill a man in his sleep without making a sound.

Quote from Lillian in Bill's New Gig

Lillian: There's a new ice cream place over in Cloverdale. You think you can take yourself away from that school work long enough to get yourself a double scoop?
Dean: Is this a test? Like when you ask me if I want sugar in my grits?
Lillian: No, I'm not gonna spank you this time. This is for real.

Quote from Bruce in Love & War

Adult Dean: After sharing his experience with us, it seemed like Bruce was finally getting back to being himself.
Dean: Is this your friend Brian?
Bruce: Yeah, that's him and his little sister. He always kept it in his pocket, just like I kept a picture of me, you, and Kim. I'm sending these things over to his folks.
Adult Dean: Looking at that picture of Brian and his sister, I felt a connection to them, too.
Dean: She's very pretty. What's her name?
Bruce: Gwendolyn. But he called her Winnie.

Quote from Granddaddy Clisby in Goose Grease

Dean: What about one of your war stories, Dad?
Bill: Aw.
Granddaddy Clisby: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell him about the time that you sliced your finger while cutting a tomato during the Battle of Ham Sandwich. You see, your brother, Bruce, and I fought in combat while your father was banging pots in the safety of the kitchen.
Bill: Well, they say an army marches to battle on its stomach.
Granddaddy Clisby: Well, you got that right. [both laugh]